Joshua Monten is looking for two dancers to join his new dance creation “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo.” The dancers should be inventive, theatrically gifted and energetic. They should have completed a professional dance program and preferably have at least one year of full-time performing experience. Candidates of all ethnic backgrounds and genders are expressly welcome to apply.

Where: Bern, Switzerland

When: 5-6 June 2018

Deadline for applications: 13 May 2018

“Romeo, Romeo, Romeo” is an exploration of dance as a form of courtship display. (FR: “parade nuptiale,” DE: “Balz.”) Even when performed by professional dancers in front of a sophisticated audience, deep down inside, dance is a mating ritual. The individual personalities of each dancer, their spontaneous creativity in particular courtship situations, their artistry and athleticism, hope and desire… all of these factors increase the myriad variety of forms that a courtship dance can take.

“Romeo, Romeo, Romeo” features four male roles. However, it is expected that one of these roles will be played by a woman or transgender person disguised as a man.

All candidates are encouraged to submit pictures and video material of themselves performing and/or improvising as a man.

Full-time, paid rehearsals and performances are planned for the following approximate dates:
20 August – 21 September 2018 (rehearsals in Bern)
15 October – 2 November 2018 (rehearsals in Bern)
15-19 November 2018 (rehearsals in Holland)
25 November – 8 December 2018 (rehearsals and six performances in Bern)
15-18 January 2019 (performances in Berlin)
15-17 May 2019 (performances in Zagreb)
—summer 2019 (outdoor performances in Holland)
—fall 2019 (performances in New York)

How to apply

Please send CV, photos and videos to
Materials can be submitted in English, German or French. Please mention if there are any periods when you would not be able to join the rehearsals/performances.
The deadline for submission is 13 May 2018. All applicants should receive a response by 20 May 2018.