HIPS is looking for a male dancer (based in NL or BE) for the new production Forms of Social Engagement V1.

Hips is looking for a male dancer with an investigative nature and strong contemporary technique. The work requires the ability to explore without prejudice. Consisting of a rigorous exploration into how meanings get assigned (or how we assign meaning) to our relatively expressing bodies; from the smallest movements to expansive dynamic choreography.

Where: Tilburg, The Netherlands

When: 9th of February 2019

Deadline for applications: 4th of February 2019

Fose V1, is a physical & virtual theatre piece for two performers that investigates the complexity of our systems of body communication in relation to the fear of the other, dominant-dominated models and digital communication. Two individuals that beyond gender, sexual or love connotations, firstly present two humans facing eachother with their similarities and differences. the use of screens and AR will be an important part of Fose V1’s dramaturgical structure.

To apply, please send your application to hips.performance@gmail.com.

your application should contain:
– your resume
-a clear headshot
-a video link
-your availabilities for the research period
-your motivation to apply.

Research period:
Start mid-February 2019
Several short working periods throughout Febr, Mar, Apr & May.
work in progress viewings in April & May.
continuation into 2020 for the full-length performance.

This is a payed opportunity.

For further information, please visit https://hips-performance.com/

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