ENS – Audition Call 2018 The Next Wave – Nog Één Dan
ENS is looking for dancers, Apprentices, Interns and students.

Where: Netherlands, Amsterdam

When: July 6th 2018

Deadline for applications: 31-6-2018

We are organizing auditions in June 2018.
It will consist of a 4-hour workshop without mid audition thinning of the herd.
Dancers will be able to show their full potential this audition.

Looking for:
– Male or female dancers
– MBO or higher(bachelor/master) graduate or Students of the same levels

– Available for season 2018/2019
– Shift based floor-work, low-level movers, eidetic memory is a pre, deepworkers

With the exception of:
– Previously blacklisted performers (currently:12)
– Anyone claiming to be all-round

ENS gives dancers:
– 20/30 performances
– TFP: Time for performance.
– A very very minimal fee for performances.
– Training
– A Deepwork experience
– Extra’s

We hope to end up with:
– A group of 12/15 unique and talented individuals.

genre performance:
post-post modern/Anti-culture

Concept of new work:
The dancer that stood up was not the same as when he sat down. The intense glare had faded from his expression.

Maker 1: Thief, ready for session?
Maker 2: Priest, I’m now.
Maker 1: Here is the summery of our last campaign. Acolyte A discovered the true identity of the evil hand and released my character. My character past a movement check and was able to hide while the evil hand completed its plans.

Maker 2: I think my character knows the rest of the story because of the news reports. The evil hand was defeated and got it’s mind wiped. Now the tainted ones gained even more sympathy than before. How did it get so fouled up.

Maker 1: My characters hope was that the evil hand was going to take out acolyte A. before the end of the performance.
Maker 2: Of-course it was. I asked my self what would be the worst most inhuman thing a dancer can possibly want from all this and that was it. You never disappoint. Still I see the logic. Dead pretty girls are always good publicity.

Maker 1: Where’s all we have now is a not quite dead, not quite pretty girl. Which has worked just as effectively against us.

My character lost control of events. That’s always the risk when trying to nudge them in secret.
Maker 2: How did “A” get the information required for this result?
Maker 1: She must have taken it from my character when it was distracted.
Maker 2: Are you sure about that? You did mention that maker F gained respect for her.
Maker 1: No I said that F was leading her to believe that. In any case it is to rudimentary to overrule my decisions.
Maker 2: As long as your certain, I mean your character is certain. Pardon me.
In summary, everything went swimmingly until it all backfired in the last minute. Can’t wait to see how you top this. Whats your next evil scheme?

Maker 1: I’m getting a team back together.
Maker 2: Are you? How will it be different this time?
Maker 1: We have a new purpose. The new DIDA cant operate under public scrutiny. We don’t have that restraint.
Maker 2: You’re actually serious? You really think being back at full force will make it easier to nudge events?
Maker 1: I’m done with nudging I’m thinking something stronger.
Maker 2: How much stronger?
Maker 1: It’s time for a push. A very hard push.

– Email to ens.dance@gmail.com
– the subject of your email needs to be: “Getting The Team Together”
(emails with other subjects will be deleted without notice)
– Pitch yourself and motivation in 3 very short sentences
– Add a brief and relevant CV
– Add 3 pictures (head shot, full body shot (wearing something), artistic shot
– Add Youtube/Vimeo link (if password add the password)

There is no cost for participants.

Contact details:
ens.dance@gmail.com subject: Getting The Team Together for application
ens.dance@gmail.com subject: this is a cry for help for questions

For further information please visit www.enscompany.nl

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