ElevenDanceCompany is looking for dancers. The contemporary dance company with artistic directors Nunzio Perricone and Giorgia Filipponi is based in Milan.

Where: Gorgonzola, Milan, Italy

When: The audition is by invitation. The directors will contact the candidates personally to agree on the date of the audition.

Deadline for applications: 29 September 2018

Excellent technical preparation and good experimentation and improvisation skills are required.
It is a young company so the management can’t guarantee a fee for the rehearsal and fittings.
Performances, shows and the participation in any type of event will be regularly paid.
For this reason, the selected candidate, together with the directors, will agree on a rehearsal plan appropriate to the commitments of both parties.

The company works in national and international circuits of contemporary dance so offers excellent opportunities for growth and visibility. Moreover, during the working period, will be carried out photographic shoots and video recordings and will be made available to the dancer.

To apply, send to elevendancecompany@gmail.com curriculum vitae, photos and video links (Youtube, Vimeo etc..) even in the rehearsal room.

For further information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Elevendancecompany-185870665274153/?ref=br_rs

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