For the upcoming production “HORTEN.” by DAGADA dance, Karolin Stächele (artistic director / choreographer) is looking for 4 contemporary dancers with high skills in improvisation and partnering/acrobatics.

Where: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

When: 08.07.2023

Deadline for applications: 25.06.2023

About the project:
The cross-genre performance is dedicated to the theme of hoarding, the holding on to what has been acquired, including “phantom ownership” as a culturally implemented continuation of feudal power relations (cf. Eva von Redecker). A continuing “imperial lifestyle” of the global North has long been showing dystopian side effects that are known worldwide, but the fear of having to give up something in the face of necessary transformations, of losing status, is so great that people would rather accept the end of the world than finally abolish capitalism.
With “HORTEN.”, DAGADA dance wants to make a lasting contribution to raising awareness and taking the first common steps towards transformation. At the centre of the production with 5 contemporary dancers is a stage object that is unbalanced in itself as the starting point for a physically powerful dance confrontation about wealth, property and justice.

Expectation of performers:
– highly qualified contemporary dancers with additional skills in partnering and acrobatics
– experience in improvisational and theatrical work (high level of emotional expression and connection to own inner landscape as a performer on stage)
– used to strong physical work, endurance
– skilled at counting music
– experience in team working processes

Creative process:
Our creative process will consist of each day guided warming up sessions by the choreographer, a lot of improvising, setting material, having many conceptual discussions, engagements with local communities of non-professional dancers and experts from our cooperation partner Käte Hamburger Centre for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies (Uni Heidelberg).

Production period:
30.10.-18.11.2023 (Freiburg im Breisgau)
15.01.-08.02.2024 (Freiburg im Breisgau)
Confirmed performance dates: 9., 10., 15., 16. & 17.02.2024 (E-WERK Freiburg)
Further performance dates are still to be negotiated with the selected cast.

It is a paid job with coverage of travel and accommodation costs during the production period (based on the lower fee limit recommendation of the federal government).

Who can apply:
– Professional dancers of all races, genders, ages, body types and backgrounds.
– Artists must be able to travel and be physically present in person on the day of the audition.
– Artists must be fully available for all dates mentioned.
– Artists must be professional freelancers with an existing German tax number that allows them to write invoices, KSK members, based living and working in Germany with a valid German working permit from the audition date till, at least, March 2024.

The Audition:
The audition will consist of a guided warm up lead by the artistic director, Karolin Stächele, an introduction to the company and the work, improvisational tasks and choreography. More detailed information about the audition day will be provided via email in response to the application.

For more information about DAGADA dance please visit:

How to apply:
Please send your application via email titled “HORTEN. audition – (your name)” to no later than 25.06.2023 including:
– motivation letter (video is an option, max. 1min)
– short (!) CV with your contact info
– showreel video where we see the skills we are looking for (max. 3min)
(all video links via online platforms such as vimeo, dropbox or similar)

The audition is by invitation only as there is a limited number because of space and time constraints (we really want to see all invited dancers). We will inform you until 30 of June.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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