Ballet do Douro is looking for dancers to Main Company and Ballet do Douro II.

Where: Porto, Portugal

When: 20th and 21st May

Deadline for applications: 5th April, 2024

The Ballet do Douro is located in Porto, Portugal, and presents programs that gathers not only contemporary creators, but also classical language pieces. The Company aims to preserve and honor the classical memory and heritage, and at the same time, affirm the contemporaneity through works commissioned to nowadays artists.

Our programs include pieces from Claude Brumachon, Filipe Portugal, Sílvia Boga along with classical repertoire and neoclassical works.

There are two types of opportunities:

1. Ballet do Douro is looking for professional dancers (M/F) for different positions within the company, wages according to the position for which the dancer is hired.

2. Ballet do Douro II is looking for professionaly trained, or recently graduated students (last 3 years) for it’s highly qualified training programe, that will give the dancers experience as a professional dancer, but also improve their technical skills, as well as providing professional guidance for their careers, and the opportunity to work along the main company.

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