Aso Productions ‘Wolk’ is seeking male/female dancers with contemporary/modern/jazz dance technique with a strong personality. Fluent Dutch speaking language is required. Due to some dialogue being in dutch. Acting experience is our preference, not required

Rehearsal period: Oct/Nov 2018
Touring in theater: First 15 shows in Nov/Dec/Jan. (afternoon shows also, schedule to follow)
after that: opportunity for more shows

Aso Productions ‘Wolk’ is a dutch (educational) play/show about mental health during and after pregnancy. It’s a combination of strong professional dance and dialogues.

Where: Eindhoven, the Netherlands

When: September 1/2 2018 – Callback September 9th

Deadline for applications: August 27 – 2018

To apply p
lease send your CV to Audition by invitation only.

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