APPSTAGE is a path designed for dancers selected by audition aimed to create a triple bill and a mini tour. The purpose is to provide a production context that will allow the dancers to live an experience of creation, staging and touring as a professional company.

This triple bill will be choreographed by:
– Mualem/de Filippis Dance Projects

– Elisa Pagani Compagnia DNA

-Guest Choreographer: Daniele Albanese

Where: Almadanza, Bologna, Italy

When: 1/12/2018 – 5/01/2019

Deadline for applications: 28/11/2018 – 30/12/2018

Duration of the course: 4 months. Two modules will be proposed (October-January, February-May), you can participate in one or both modules.

To register:
or submit your video (over 400 km from Bologna) to

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