After FOCAR’s first edition, in 2021, we now bring you FOCAR Compact, a 5 week course on Choreography for Architecture.

Where: Porto, Portugal

When: from May 30th to July 4th

Deadline for applications: The deadline for registration is May 8nd

This edition of the program, taking place from May 30th to July 4th, consists of an internship directed to creators in the field of contemporary dance, interested in exploring choreography in/for architecture and informal spaces. With deep disciplinary intersections, the course aims to strengthen artistic education and research in its connection with architecture.

During five weeks, participants will have the opportunity to learn, observe and create with the support and feedback of several tutors and creators, both national and international, from different creative fields. That includes architects, performers, choreographers, set designers, and more.

The program follows a modular structure, being divided in three types of modules that guarantee an extensive and thorough internship. These are: Theoretical, Practical, Creative Development, and one week dedicated to research and materialization of the participants’ projects.

Among the guest formers we can find the following names: Alessandro Carboni, Ana Figueira, Catarina Campos, Daniela Cruz, Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro, Pedro Prazeres, Pedro Azevedo, Sara Garcia, Space Transcribers, Willi Dorner (online), André Braga and Claudia Figueiredo, Bússula and some architects and thinkers about space.

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Costs for participants:
Registration – €60,
Tuition – €520,
For FAÍCC and FOCAR ex-students – 17%

Contact details: For more information or if you have any doubts, email us at

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