Last Audition for the Intensive Course in Interpretation and Choreography (FAÍCC) and Advanced Course in Choreography for Architecture (FOCAR).

Where: Companhia Instável, Porto, Portugal

When: Between March and August’21

Deadline for applications: 15th of January 2021

Last Audition for Companhia Instável’s 2021 contemporary dance programs, that take place in Porto (Portugal): FAÍCC: Intensive Course in Interpretation and Choreography (March-August’21) and FOCAR: Advanced Course in Choreography for Architecture (April-July’21). Both programs are designed with an in-person dynamic and a modular structure – to incentivize collaboration between students, methodology sharing and experiencing from many national and international tutors.

In 2021, and due to the current contingency measures regarding Covid-19 outbreak, our courses will have some adjustments to guarantee maximum safety while keeping their purposes and
specificities: a few online modules, 2 work groups in 2 different studios/sites for some modules, exploration of aopen air and informal areas for classes and projects, and more.

FAÍCC: Intensive Course in Interpretation and Choreography
9th edition / 2021

FAÍCC 9th edition is a 21 weeks (with 1 week break) intensive program that takes place at Instavel (Porto, Portugal) in between March and July 2021. With a strong practical component – that includes Contemporary Body Techniques and Creation/ Presentation Projects – the course offers the students a wide knowledge for those who are seeking professionalization in contemporary dance creation or interpretation. Designed in a modular structure, national and international tutors and creators with different backgrounds are invited for the traineeship, so that the students can have contact with multiple techniques and methodologies.

15th March- August 2021
(20 weeks/ 550 hours)
Monday-Friday / 9:30 am – 3 pm (a few modules will have different schedules )

Registration: 180€
Course: 1550€ (total payment until January’21); or 1650€ (650€ until January’21 + 4 monthly installments of 300€ being paid until the 10th of each month between March and June’21)

Know more about FAÍCC:

FOCAR: Advanced Course in Choreography for Architecture
1st edition / 2021

FOCAR is the new program of Instável – a 12 weeks course (from April to July) designed for creators in the contemporary dance field interested in exploring choreography for non-traditional and architectural spaces. With a multidisciplinary perspective, this program aims to explore both in theoretical and practical modules, the relationships in between body, space in the movement researches. Each module will be given by a different invited tutor, from choreography, artistic direction and Architecture fields.

5th April-July 2021
(14 weeks/ 280 hours)
Monday-Friday / 15:30 – 19h30 pm (a few modules will have different schedules )


Choreographic Composition: Daniela Cruz, Gustavo Ciríaco, Hélder Seabra, Madalena Victorino, Rui Horta;
Theoretical modules: Gabriela Vaz Pinheiro, Mafalda Mendonça, Mário Mesquita, Willi Dorner;
Sharing/Artists talks: Ana Renata Polónia, André Braga/Cláudia Figueiredo (Circolando), Catarina Campos, Daniel Pereira/Fernando Ferreira (Space Transcribers), Pedro Azevedo, Pedro Prazeres, Sara Garcia
Programmers: Carla Barros (Casa da Arquitectura), Bruno Costa/Daniel Vilar (Bússola), Cristina Grande (Fundação Serralves), Giacomo Scalisi (Lavrar o Mar)

Registration: 180€ (former FAICC students have a reduction correspondent to this amount in the 1st tuition fee )
Course: 970€ (1st payment of 470e in february´21 + 2 fees in March and April)

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Audition for FOCAR:

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