APP is a contemporary dance intensive training programme based in Bologna, Italy. It is aimed to expand, deepen and strengthen the skills of dancers of all professional levels, from a technical and creative point of view.
It consists in full time training course, composed by 4 short and very specific didactic modules, AVAILABLE TO BE BOUGHT AND ENJOYED SEPARATELY:

1.           October – December: Aware Movement
2.           January – Mars: Floorwork and release
3.           April – June: Improvisation, Contact and Composition
4.           July – October: Tools for Choreographic Creation.

Where: Alma Studios, via del Carrozzaio 15, Bologna, Italy

When: Up to the end of September 2020

The first module, which will occur in October-December 2020, is called Aware Movement, and is meant to offer, through different techniques, an in-depth study on tools useful to better understand one’s own daily dance practise and specificity of movement.

The schedule integrates ballet and contemporary classes with elements of anatomy and biomechanics, drama, voice and techniques such as Feldenkrais, Axis Syllabus, Body Mind Centering and Rolfing, in a path of aware physical preparation.

We want our students to become performers and practitioners with highly specialised technical and creative skills, developed through dance experiences in a wide range of professional, studio and community circumstances. AlmaPRO’s approach is founded on an interdisciplinary openness to explore related theory and practice. We provide opportunities for them to work in collaboration with other Arts organisations and leading professional practitioners, and for them to engage with different audiences in a variety of settings.

The range of technical training undertaken during the programme is designed to train the body, whilst developing artistic intelligence and an understanding of movement, that enables the dancer to respond to the varied and changing demands of contemporary choreography.

Through the programme students embrace a range of industry-relevant modes of practice, such as collective working, management, Ballet and Contemporary Dance Techniques, somatic practices, placing dance in social, cultural and historical contexts, music, performance analysis, contact improvisation, choreographic composition as well as opportunities to engage with the community of the territory.
Individual career support and guidance is embedded into the programme, which includes professional audition preparation.


– Guy Nader | Maria Campos
– Antonella Bertoni (Compagnia Abbondanza Bertoni)
– Marigia Maggipinto (Tanztheater Wuppertal)
– Elisa Pagani (DNA Dance Company)
– Biagio Caravano (MK)
– Simona Bertozzi (Nexus)
– Roberta Ferrara (Equilibrio Dinamico)

How to apply: Fill out the form on the website, including CV, headshot and a video that includes:

– Short presentation of the candidate (Who are you, where did you study and relevant information about yourself)
– 2 minutes of TECHNIQUE (at the applicant’s discretion: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-hop, Drama, Singing, …)
– 3 minutes of IMPROVISATION (with or without music)

Costs for participants: 4700€ (the four modules together, each module has a different cost per se)

Contact details: Massimo Monticelli:

For further information and application, please visit
For the prospectus visit

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