Audition For EDHA – Experimental Hip-Hop Dance Academy
Edha formation is auditioning for upcoming training program 2021-2022.

Where: Annecy, France

When: Season 2021/2022

Register as soon as possible

Edha is an experimental hip-hop dance academy who offers two independent programs :

the P7 / Performer program (1year full-time program)
the P8 / Residential program (1 year full-time program)

The first year program P7 / Performer Program is aimed for dancers who wish to develop their personality, question their intentions and their own practice of dance.
P7 program offers to the students gain an insight into the technical foundations of Hip-hop dance. The development of creative and compositional skills.
The school aims to strengthen and enrich their dance skills in the broadest sense, and to offer tools to nurture their creative voices.

The second year program P8 / Residential program is aimed at students who want to become a professional dancer. The program consists of residential work with choreographers on new, hip-hop or contemporary, creations.
P8 expose the students to professional working practice under the guidance of experienced artists, choreographers. By working with choreographers on a creation, students are confronted in the most direct way with the thinking and working methods of the professional world.

Choreographers as Edouard Hue (Beaver Dam Company), Bruce Chiefare (Cie Flowcus), Karim Khouader, Thô Anothaï (Cie Anothaï), Mellina Boubetra (Cie ETRA) etc.. are invited for the upcoming program.

Both programs are intensive training programs aimed to expand and strengthen the skills of young dancers from a creative and technical point of view.
The school helps young people develop into independent and creative dancers/performers.

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No fee for application.