Seeds programme 2024/25 is cobosMika company’s professional training and development programme to provide dance artists with highly tuned technical, creative and performance skills, ready for entry into the profession.

Where: Bordeaux (France) 

When: 12th May 2024

Deadline for applications: 6th May 2024

Seeds is cobosMika company’s professional training and development programme in the art of movement, which aims at conveying the company’s philosophy and experience to a new generation of dancers.

the programme has been developed by cobosMika company artistic directors, olga cobos and peter mika, in collaboration with the team of teachers as well as the management, production and technical team members.

cobosMika seeds programme consists of seeds training, a 2-year education programme (red and blue) and seeds company, cobosmika’s junior company.

with the goal of offering a wide and diverse perspective of the world of contemporary dance, several artists  are select and invited to work in the programme which is also enrichened with circus, acrobatics and physical theatre sessions together with good nutrition practice, anatomy and introduction to theatre lightning, dramaturgy, acting and life management skills.

cobosMika seeds is the result of this pedagogic-artistic commitment addressed to dance students-dancers, which is constantly growing and is acquiring a solid position at national and international levels as one of the most interesting, quality and decentralised professional dance training proposals in the territory.

How to apply:
In person auditions 14/04 espai cobosmika (spain)  12/05 bordeaus (france) and video audition option.

for both, in person and for video auditions, you must send the information indicated in steps 1 to 3

Only for video audition option you must send the links in the extra-step.

All information must be sent to

Link to the application form to be downloaded, completed and sent.

CV and headshot photo

Two video links:

A presentation video link in English/French or Spanish to briefly introduce yourself and why do you think you should join the SEEDs programme (2 minutes max.)

A video or link where we can see your technique level and improvisation in contemporary dance. It must also include floor work material (5 minutes max)

For the efficient organization of the audition, only video links are allowed. Use YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video. Videos to be downloaded will not be considered.


Below you will find the repertoire and Contemporary dance video links, to be learned and sent.

Excerpt of the company’s repertoire.

Contemporary dance phrase from our programme.

Only video links are allowed, use YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video. Videos to be downloaded will not be considered.

Contact details:
Tel. + 34 972196985

For further information, please visit