Atsushi Takenouchi, worldwide known Butoh master and dancer, was the student of both Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata (the founders). He founded the JINEN butoh in 1984, his own butoh language. His dance is being inspired by nature, it’s power, it’s beauty, it’s cycles. Atsushi is arriving with his wife Hiroko who will play live music during the events.

We warmly invite you to the 3 days workshop and the related events.

Where: Corvin Dance Center, Liliom u. 45, Budapest 1094, Hungary

01/12/2017, 11.00-18.00
02/12/2017, 11.00-19.00
03/12/2017, 11.00-20.00

Deadline for applicants: 25/11/2017

Workshop description :

You have thousand hands.
These thousand hands are able to extend to the universe.
You deeply embrace everything.
Then you can transform into those all.
You embrace all existence of Life and Death.


01/12/2017, 20.00
“RIDDEN BY NATURE” – BUDAPEST PREMIER! A breath-taking film by Kathi von Koerber, danced by Atsushi and Kathi von Koerber in the most wild naturesites, with glaciers, volcanos, streams, maars… It is an honor that this wonderful film will be presented in Budapesten this time. You can watch the trailer here:

Performance :

04/12/2017, 19.00
“SKIN” Performance
The event will be opened by Ayumi Toyabe, a Japanese dancer living in Budapest with her solo dance call “EN” (cycle). Choreographer: Heléna Hrotkó

(location under organisation)

About Butoh :

Butoh is a form of dance through which we can experience that the body is a wonderful material that can transform into anything: we can live any form of existence through our movement, our dance. As soon as we arrive to a neutral state, we are able to open to the forces of nature or the energies of the archetypes. As we give up the control, the body moves by itself, it flows on it’s own, as we witness this miracle from inside.

To apply, please write to the following email:

Costs :
Before 15/11/2017, 140 euros, after 190 euros

Registration fee: 35 eur, not refoundable.

Contact details:G
régory Chevalier,; +3630 84 519 87

For further information, please visit

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