Mixing creative writing, voice training, and choreographic research, you will investigate the use of text and spoken words to influence and enhance performance, challenge the connection between language and body, text and movement.

Where: Lake Balaton (Budapest), Hungary

When: June 3-6 or September 9-12, 2024

Your summer retreat stands out due to its intimate setting, with a maximum of four participants, and its unique emphasis on both learning and unlearning.

During this creative getaway, each day begins with rejuvenating activities such as meditation, yoga, or a refreshing swim in Lake Balaton. Mornings are dedicated to exploring creative writing, movement, and voice research through creative exercises and innovative methods.

In the afternoons, you’ll transform your written work, voice, and movement explorations into dynamic text-based performances. You’ll have the opportunity to incorporate elements such as lighting, costumes, scenography, and music into your evening presentations.

We understand the importance of personal reflection and community engagement. Therefore, specific times are allocated for individual creative work, communal sharing, and relaxation throughout the day.

How to register: https://www.schoolofdisobedience.org/arts-and-text.html

Costs for participants: 500€

Contact details:

For further information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/school_of_disobedience/

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