Artist Marie Kaus and Monika Dorniak are looking for performers for a collaborative installation/performance piece answering the following call.

Where: St. Thomas-Friedhof, Berlin

When: 22nd to the 24th of June 2018

Deadline for applications: 26th May 2018

The theme of 48 Stunden Neukölln in 2018 is Neue Echtheit, referring to the issue of what is real, authentic
and genuine. We live in an age in which what is legitimate, veritable and real is no longer clearly defined. An appreciation of what is original and genuine is now, through changed social conventions and new means of communication, less widespread; former certainties about economical and ecological developments fade and regard for such qualities has become a sort of anachronism. Do we have to re-examine the meaning of what is real in this epoch of digital omnipresence? Is there still an expectation that art ought to be honestly real and genuine? These are the crucial questions that our festival theme poses.
There is often an assumption that artists produce work that is original or at least what can be “sold” as such. The art market demands work that is genuine and authentic while also constantly redefining what is “real”, a yearning for direct echoes of the artists biography. What strategies have been developed in the arts to deal with this need for authenticity? What materials, processes and approaches can still deliver what is really real?
Does this approach need to be re-examined?

In 2018, in the midst of a turning point, we are witnessing a redefinition of all our social assets. In the face of ideological, economical and ecological challenges, yesterday’s ideals and certainties are becoming obsolete, raising the awareness of a period of transition.
The boundaries and limits of the capitalist current model seem to indicate we might soon be spectators of its downfall. Models from the past are no longer accurate; tomorrow’s society might not be built on the utopias from the past. So what kind of deconstruction can we expect and how can one build new foundations in the hope of supporting tomorrow’s future?
Where is, and what is, the breaking point? How to portrait this apprehension? What are the landmarks of this evolution? How does the weight of the notion of “authenticity” evolve?
Through the spectrum of subjective perception, senses, sensations, each artist will give account of one or several of these elements. The exhibition will take the form of a labyrinthic path, a journey starting with a long corridor leading into various dark smaller rooms. Ideally it would be a place like the basement of the Friedhof St. Thomas chapel. The exhibition will unveil as a collection of testimonies, in the forms of sensory multi-media installations where the audience will experience the artists’s points of view.

Monika Dorniak (b. 1988) is a multi-media-artist and researcher based in Berlin. In her work she is exploring the boundaries of authorship, and a transparent, collaborative approach to forming rhizomatic connections, a.o. in her ongoing work with dancers, on the changeable body and mind in the postdigital era. The upbringing in an artisanal and agricultural family influenced her practice as well as her German, Polish and Lithuanian roots that were marked by the trauma of sociopolitical events. Graduating from MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins in 2017 with a work merging her background in fashion design, psychology, dance, she was nominated for the Studio Makers Prize by Tiffanys X Outset. She presented her work internationally, most recently at Tate Exchance in Tate Modern London, and was invited as guest lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts, Bard College Palestine, and Foreign Affairs Festival in Berlin. She previously performed in works from Robert Whitman and Aernout Mik.

Marie Kaus (b.1988) is a french artist living and working in Berlin. Her practice is a process that seeks to seize the relevance of the Now. Where she goes, it follows, transiting in and out of the studio. Its performative nature takes on a static form when and where it finds a place to settle, when I am given the opportunity to show its developments. Works emerge in the form of documentation; moving image and photography disclosing of my engagement with my surrounding.
Kaus trained in London at the Slade School of Fine Arts and Chelsea College of arts. Her work has been exhibited internationally at Cob Gallery (London, UK), Leila Heller (New York, USA), Prizma space (Istanbul/ Turkey) amongst others. Kaus was appointed artist in residence at UCL department of Astrophysics (2012-2013). She was then commissioned a work for the Dark Energy Survey that remains on show at the UCL Observatory (London). In 2014, Kaus won the SouthKiosk award and joined two residencies program: DownStairs (UK) and the Land Art Road Trip (USA) organised by Gerson Zevi.

As part of the project the performers will be asked to take part in two rehearsals in Berlin, on the 13th of June at Theaterhaus Mitte and in-situ on the 24th of June.
The show will take place in the catacombs of St. Thomas-Kirchhof church. Kaus’s installation will be on permanent view throughout the festival with performances by artist Monika Dorniak in and around the space for its duration.

The rehearsals will introduce the performers to the artist’s research on the body and mind in an era of rapid cultural and technological changes. Selected theories from science and philosophy shall be embodied by the performers through movements that engage with the space and the mind. The performer should have a basic experience level in contemporary dance and yoga practice, and be comfortable to solo perform for 45 minutes.

For more details about the festival please visit:

How to apply

Please send a CV/Biography/ photograph and if possible show-reel of your work to
+ a paragraph (between 200 to 400words max) describing how you envisage to gather yourself up, turning inwards for a performative study of the yoga asana Shavasana (corpse pose).

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