Artist Archive is a new annual programme dedicated to the revival and rehoming of existing works. Artist Archive reduces and renews in place of the pressure to constantly innovate and increase output.

Where: online / remote / at Siobhan Davies Studios in London, UK

When: Between spring 2022 and April 2023 depending on the strand.

Deadline for applications: 11 February 2022, midday.

The programme questions the standard forms and hierarchies of what an archive is and who gets to have one, giving precedence to artists and their past works that:
were unfunded or underfunded
had few opportunities to be presented
might otherwise be lost or forgotten
resist the mainstream

This opportunity is open to dance artists, choreographers, and movement practitioners, as well as artists from other disciplines who are working with or have worked with dance and choreography.

There are 3 strands of Artist Archive to apply for: Live, Material and Digital. There are up to 7 opportunities, £800-£3000.

To apply, head to for full details.

Contact details: If you have questions, please get in touch by emailing

For further information, please visit