First round video/ Second round in presence, June 12. Artichoke Advanced Training in Contemporary Dance is a three-year vocational training program, based in Milan, Italy. Artichoke is distinguished for maintaining a constant open eye on the development of contemporary dance languages across time.

Where: La Corte viale Monza 16 Milan, Italy

When: June 12

Deadline for applications: May 31

We have a strictly selected faculty that can claim the highest competences over more than twenty years of dance practice and teaching.

Artichoke projects an international outlook, sharing the same vision and purposes of the most acclaimed European dance academies, and cooperating with International Guest Teachers among the best of the moment. Here you’ll be offered the most updated curriculum according to the requirements of the present contemporary dance education, in order to set the grounds for your future career.

The program aims to develop a fully accomplished professional dancer/performer, with a strong technique, and versatile creativity, all set to face the working world with a positive attitude and drive.
The three years curriculum aims to reinforce, hone and enrich the technical and creative skills by a proper training, specific workshops, modules and masterclasses with international guest teachers, tutoring and orienteering for the most suitable path for the student to pave, and performances tailored to show the student’s best artistic achievements.
At the end of the course of studies, the students will stage their final graduation performance created for them by a guest choreographer.
Some selected graduated students will be given the opportunity to join Company Ariella Vidach AiEP on an understudy internship. To the most outstanding ones a contract may be offered.

To cite some of the latest guest artists at Artichoke:
Jos Baker( Peeping Tom) Bruno Catalano (SEAD) Rakesh Sukesh( Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui)
Helder Seabra (Ultima Vez) Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto ( Akram Khan-Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui) Suzan Tunca( Emio Greco- ICK) Michele di Stefano (Compagnia Mk) Inaki Azpillaga (Ultima Vez) Matan David ( Batsheva Dance Company)

Artichoke offers a partial scholarship to those candidates who enrol within the given deadline after succeeding the full audition process. This offer is valid only until May 31, 2022.

For further info please visit our website

How to apply / register: APPLICATION:
We accept candidates between 17 and 26 years old.
To apply, please send us:
• letter of presentation/motivation
• cv with photo
• a 2 min video containing a contemporary dance technique sequence with floorwork and standing spatial work. Videos must be uploaded on your youtube channel, and the link be sent to us.

Please no video editing or showreels. We prefer to see your genuine work without video effects.

Application material will be sent to by May 31, 2022.
Selected candidates by video on first round will be invited to the Audition in presence on 12 June in Milan.

Costs for participants: no fee required

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