Art of Fusion Poetry with Tamae Yoneda & Ashley Temba – 5 Days Workshop in the frame of Summer/ing at Tanzfabrik 2024.

Where: Tanzfabrik Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

When: 22.-26.07.2024 // 17:00-20:00 (CET)

Deadline for applications: 22.07.2024

Art of Fusion Poetry is a highly dynamic contemporary training with urban essence, which uses a mixture of different physical styles and movement aesthetics from two different disciplines. Therefore, the training combines physical elements, which enrich the physical vocabulary of the body and challenge each participant’s coordination and awareness. The class begins with a physical warm up in order for the body to be prepared and open up to the movement research. We incorporate the groove, which is the basis of Hip Hop, and focuses on how to apply the movement on top of contemporary dance. We will present various physical materials including floor movement, set phrases and improvisation follow ups. We arranged enough time for each person to fully explore the movement for proper understanding of each section. In the last part of the class, we are learning a playful choreography. This set material is used in order for each participant to play with their own physical sense, personal musicality and own movement character in different styles of music. This is a space where physical research, which is using the body as a tool, expresses deep human emotions resonating with everyone regardless of their origin or background.

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Costs for participants: 240€

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