Art continuum nomadic residency is designed for international artistic exchange, development and creation, existing periodically in diverse locations. Focused on the fields of dance improvisation, performance, poetry and film. Containing laboratories, workshops and performative events.

Where: Chiang Dao, Thailand

When: 7 – 27 January 2024

Deadline for applications: 1 January 2024

The residency is a supportive and inspiring environment for emerging artists and artists searching for new perspectives, multidisciplinary experimentation and artistic development in collaboration. It supports the process of clarifying artistic vision and mastering its articulation. It gathers people of different backgrounds and nationalities, both amateur and professional.

The method is a framework for artistic development, ongoing research of making collaborative multidisciplinary space for artistic exchange, emphasizing listening, improvisation, inquiry and being with nature.

The theme of this edition is ‘Being Nature’

Inspired by the Being Nature project of Dolores Dewhurst Marks, encouraging people to discover their own way of connecting with deeper self and the natural world. It is an embodied inquiry into our interdependency, opening our senses to what is present, and making choices based on the larger context of our shared ecologies.

In these times of digital disembodiment, when our relationships with nature, each other, and our body are becoming increasingly indirect, this project comes as a necessity. We come together to discover an intuitive body moving in communion with nature. To reclaim our nature, to re-wild our imagination, to move towards personal and collective change and transformation inspired by the embodied understanding intertwined with awareness of the current environmental situation.

Offering space for exploration, inquiry, artistic exchange and expression, collaboration and activism.

The 21 day program will include laboratories for multidisciplinary experimentation based on collaborative listening and improvisation; space for inquiry, co-creation and sharing; contact/dance improvisation jams and performative events.

Throughout the program there will be an in-depth workshop with Dolores Dewhurst Marks. The workshop is a significant element of the residency. It is a space for tuning personal and group process, inviting collaboration and co-creation, as well serving as a guide into nature, and connecting with the local ecology.
Participation in most of the sessions is essential for taking part in the residency.
Sessions will take place 4-5 days per week for 3-4 hours per day.

Other artists will also contribute to the program and share their research, practices and works.

Total group size will be 40, there are 22 places and 10 scholarship opportunities. Partial participation is not possible.

The residency takes place in Chiang Dao, a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The area carries an ancient Buddhistic heritage, including cave temples and forest monastery. The venue is located at the foothills of Doi Luang mountain, next to a gentle river, walking distance from natural hot springs.

Food & Accommodation:
Nourishing Thai and fusion vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price.
Accommodation is not included in the price.
There are 2 options for onsite accommodation:
Camping space (bring your own tent) – 200THB/night (~€5.5)
Bed in a shared dormitory – 250THB/night (~€7)
Both options have a shared kitchen and bathrooms
There are private bungalows for rent within walking distance.

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How to apply:
Each application will be reviewed and if accepted you will receive a confirmation latest 1st November

There will be 10 partial and full scholarship opportunities for those who are unable to pay the low income price.

Scholarship application:

Costs for participants:
Contribution to the residency is presented in the sliding scale format and based on your financial situation.
28,000THB/ €740 low income price – 10 places available 38,000THB/ €1000
regular price 43,000THB/€1140 Supportive price,
5000THB of the ticket sale goes to the scholarship program

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