The overall aim of the Argentine Tango based partnering workshop is to achieve better communication, understand our partner and enhance improvisation and interpretation skills with the help of principles applied in Argentine Tango.

Where: Chisenhale Dance Space, 64 – 84 Chisenhale Rd, London, E3 5QZ United Kingdom

When: June 15th from 2pm to 6pm, June 16th from 10am to 12pm

Deadline for applications: Early bird May 31st ; Standard June 12th

The workshop will explore leading and following patterns applied in Argentine tango focusing on both biomechanics and psychological aspects. We will start with footwork, working on the dynamics and quality of the walk to see how this translates into partnering and fluidity of movement that give Argentine tango an unmistakable appeal.
Principally working in pairs with leading and following roles constantly changing during the course of the workshop, we will investigate the role our axis ( both vertical and horizontal ) and centre of gravity play in triggering movement. We will look at crucial elements that need to be in place to communicate what we need to our partner.
Finally, we will briefly touch upon and musicality and apply the above principles to short improvisation sequences.
The overall aim is to achieve better communication, understand our partner and enhance improvisation and interpretation skills. The workshop is suitable for dance practitioners of all levels.

Regina studied contemporary dance and choreography at the Performing Arts Academy in Prague. As a choreographer and movement director, she has worked on a number of opera productions, musicals, independent projects and commissions. Most recently on the tango inspired ‘Après rasage’ for the National Moravian Silesian Ballet in Ostrava which has already toured Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic. She has also created video installations. Year was exhibited at the Bargehouse in London as a part of the Maze exhibition. Her dance film Steadfast was screened at a dozen festivals worldwide including the prestigious San Francisco Dance Film Festival, MinimalenMultiplie and many others. Regina started studying and dancing tango 20 years ago having furthered her experience in Buenos Aires with famous teachers such as Aurora Lubiz and Claudia Bozzo. She has choreographed tango/contemporary routines for Candide, Man and Boy Dada and her own productions ( Tango for 5, Besame etc.). Throughout her career, she has collaborated with professional dancers, singers, actors, dancers with mental disabilities, figure skaters, installation artists etc.

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Costs for participants:
44 GBP before May 31st
55 GBP after May 31st

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