AREA-Barcelona “The inseparability of training, research and performance” two workshops with Pierre Michaël Faure. We will construct the mystery, the surprise and the unknown that engenders a real creation.

Where: Alegre de Dalt 55 Bis Barcelona, Spain

When: 30-31 March and 1 to 12 of April

We will put into practice a research and creation work that places the dancer immediately in the position of the “interpreter” (a state or condition of the body which is necessary for the creation and development of individual and collective memory). Independently of their abilities in dance, each participant will be taken to the field of the sensible, using their capacities to be creative through gestures, actions and their own experiences.
We will explore the vitality of the group, of each dancer who creates it; we will play, dream and use the indiscipline as a tool of creativity.
We will construct the mystery, the surprise and the unknown that engenders a real creation.

First of all, my work is based on the inseparability of the dancer’s training, the research and the performance. This complex relationship is materialized in a mesh of work proposals that places the dancer at the crossroads of sensory perception, otherness and fiction.
By using contemporary dance as the basis of my work, I force myself to progressively develop a favorable and beneficial routine for the dancer, the performer and the partner.

He starts his training as a child in classical dance in the “Conservatoire de Perpignan” and in the dance school of the Opera of Marseille . He chooses to continue his training in contemporary creation, joining in 1995 the “emB.A.R. Cques”, where a professional training is given under the direction of Régine Chopinot and Jacques Garros, members of the “Ballet Atlantique”.
As a dancer he works with different choreographers such us: Jean Masse, Claire Servant, Véronique Ros de la Grange, Stanislaw Wisniewski, Odile Azagury, Marina Blandini or Jackie Taffanel, with whom he has collaborated for almost ten years.
In 2011, he creates in Agen (Lot et Garonne) the “GROUPE NESSUNO”, and at the same time works as an interpreter in his own choreographic and pedagogical projects.
Since 2014, he has collaborated with Sylvie Balestra (Cie Sylex) and Sylvain Huc (Cie Divergence).

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WHERE TO SLEEP – economical price (5 minutes from Area) (C / Terol 35 is the closest to Area)

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Costs for participants: 60€ and 160€


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