Area offers dance intensives in contemporary dance, partnering, flying-low, contact improvisation and creative workshops throughout the month of July 2023 in the heart of Barcelona.

Where: Alegre de Dalt 55 Bis Barcelona, Spain

When: from the 3 to the 28 of July 2023

Deadline for applications: 21 of July

The intensives are held by nationally and internationally dancers and choreographers who are willing to share their knowledge and experience in a relaxed, but demanding environment. You will be able to attend as many workshops that you wish of different levels and styles.
Bellow you find a brief list of all the intensives that are waiting for you. For more information on schedules, prices and detailed descriptions please visit the website at NEWS!

NORA BAYLACH (Spain) – Contemporary Dance 3 – 7 of July 95€

ONA MESTRE (Spain) – Body-Consciousness-Impro 3 – 7 of July 95€

EDWARD TAMAYO (Colombia) – Flying Low Passing Through 3 – 7 of July 95€

PATRICIA HASTEWELL (Spain) – The speaking body 10 – 14 of July 95€

PEP NEBOT and MARTA BONET (Spain) – Contact Improvisation Listen, Presence, Flow 10 – 14 of July 95€

MAXIMILIANO SANFORD (Brazil) – Fluid Movement 10 – 14 of Jul 95€

OLGA ÁLVAREZ (Spain) – PRESENCE technique 17 – 21 of July 95€

MONA LISA RIGAL (France) – Contemporary Dance 17 – 21 of July 95€

CLEMÉNTINE TÉLESFORT (France) – The attentive act 17 – 21 of July 95€

SUSAN KEMPSTER (Australia) – Partnering workshop 24 – 28 of July 95€

MILAGROS GARCÍA (Argentina) – “Practices for a future” Tools for dance and improvisation 24 – 28 of July 95€

To secure a comfortable working environment places are limited so hurry up!

If you reserve your place before the 28th of May 2023 a discount applies.

To apply please send an e-mail to:

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WHERE TO SLEEP – economical price (5 minutes from Area) (C / Terol 35 is the closest to Area)

To register, send an email to

Costs for participants: 95€ per workshop

Contact details:

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