The Apulia International Dance Festival stands out for its distinctive and innovative content and offerings creating new environments and meeting spots for performing artists.

Where: Taranto, Italy

When: August 19 – 31, 2024

Deadline for applications: 20.06.2024

The Apulia Dance Festival unfolds in Taranto, a dazzling city embraced by the sea, boasting city center beaches and a treasure trove of attractions for all tastes.
we provide wonderful historical locations to perform in.

Apulia Dance Festival/teaching-labs
the program is designed as an intensive body practices camp. the sessions are structured to allow ample time for delving into each teacher’s ideas and unique processes, creating a deep experience centered around studying, researching, and developing various languages for personal stage work.
apulia dance festival/teaching-lab
serves as a space that encourages ongoing, meaningful, and direct interaction, creating new environments and meeting spots for performing artists.
join us for a two-week workshops and creations led by seven different teachers, culminating in final public performances at enchanting historical and scenic venues.

Apulia Dance Festival/on stage
this platform is dedicated to presenting stage productions that combine research and improvisation, focusing on the contemporary arts scene. it features pieces by established contemporary artists and also serves as a platform for emerging performing talents.
apply for our 2 open stage nights.
bring your artistic research and share it with other professional. get useful feedbacks and the footage of your own piece.

Apulia Dance Festival/art residency 
grants talented professional dancers the chance to reside for a month in a charming seaside house in the heart of the Apulia region, Italy. this provides a temporary space for artists to focus on a project or nurture fresh ideas, offering a break from their regular routine to explore new artistic ventures.
the residency includes accommodation, allowing dancers and choreographers to collaborate with artists and poets. the personal and professional connections established during this residency are highly beneficial. stay connected with important contacts you meet to form friendships and unlock new opportunities.

How to apply:
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wa: +49 17658399725

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wa: +49 17658399725
instagram: @spazio8_taranto

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