Approaching Humans with Lito Anastasopoulou , Knut Vikström Precht – 4 days workshop in the frame of SommerTanz 2022.

Where: Uferstudios Wedding, Berlin, Germany

When: 21.-24.07.2022 // 17:00-20:00

Deadline for applications: 21.07.2022

We are social creatures; made for interaction. We need each other to exist. That’s why we practice together. Dancing is a social practice. On stage, in the studio, in the club, around the bonfire or at the bus stop. Dancing together is a way of tuning in with our peers, through non verbal communication. Sharing an experience, a story, a moment, a song. Becoming one as a group, following a rhythm, blurring the lines between bodies. It is a way of creating connections, curiosity, joy and understanding. In this partnering-workshop, the practice happens through approaching our fellow practitioners and our own place among them. By our body constantly being in relation to one or many others, we access tools for further developing and cultivating coordination, sensitivity, playfulness, and different forms of awareness; bodily, social, spatial, rhythmical and personal. How to approach a human. Alongside the physical principles comes the responsibility for oneself and others. The practice pushes us to let go of individual success, while navigating within the physical, mechanical and social framework of the group context.

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