Aerowaves is on the hunt again for twenty talented emerging choreographers based in geographical Europe.

Where: Elefsina, Greece.

When: 6 -9 May 2021

Deadline for applications: 16 September 2020 at 12h CEST

You can now apply to become a Twenty21 artist for the opportunity to have your work presented at the Spring Forward festival next year in Elefsina (Greece) on 6 – 9 May 2021, and also by 27 of our partners around Europe.


As usual, previous Aerowaves applicants, successful or unsuccessful, may apply again – but not with the same work.

However, anyone that submitted a work in 2019 may apply again with that same work (or a new one) in 2020, due to the exceptional circumstances brought about by Covid-19.

– Please upload your video to Vimeo (preferably in HD) and include the link in your application form. If you have a Vimeo Plus account please enable ‘download’ in the settings so we can download it. If you don’t then upload a version to Vimeo that is less than 500MB (to avoid paying a subscription), and send a bigger file (if available) via a service like We Transfer, to The ideal dimensions are 1920 x 1080 in HD, but please try to keep your file to under 2GB. There must be a version of the work online, and we must also have a copy on file
– Use the privacy settings if you do not wish it to be public, but include the password in your application form
– Please include a 100 word statement about the work in the description box of your Vimeo upload – it can include factual and contextual information about the work (also include this 100 word statement and a 100 word biography in the notes section of the application form).

For further information please visit

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