Pre-APP/Alma Open: Preparatory year built ad hoc for the pupil, which allows to consolidate the technical preparation in order to be able to access the APP- Almadanza Professional Programme the following year. It provides free attendance to Almadanza’s classes, some lessons of the professional programme and the possibility to take part in workshops organized monthly.

Bologna – 7 July
Tel Aviv – 27 July

Deadline for applications:
6 July Bologna
22 July Tel Aviv

APP is a path of intensive training in the sphere of contemporary dance, which aims to enlarge and consolidate the technical, creative and artistic heritage of aspiring dancers. It is a training aimed at enhancing the individual characteristics within a professional and purposeful space that, in a practical and constructive way, shapes a conscious, conscious and coherent dancer.
APP – Almadanza Professional Program corresponds to an intensive year of choreutical training (from October to May), which lays the foundations for a good and conscious preparation for the world of work and therefore for the profession of the dancer. Students, aged 18 to 26, will be able to measure daily with practical and technical studies, creative work and theoretical insights, investing in themselves and on the development of their artistic and personal maturity, through daily exploration and teamwork. .

APPSTAGE is a path designed not only for those who have already attended a year of APP but also for dancers who have finished a professional programme (selected by audition), aimed at creating a show composed by a choreographic triptych.
Duration of the course: 4 months. Two modules will be proposed (October-January, February-May), you can participate in one or both modules.

During the academic year, the students will have the opportunity to study and relate with important and innovative masters, dancers and professionals from all over the world, as well as the opportunity to take part in a series of workshops and performances in which to compete with the professional reality and with the public.

The entire program is carefully studied so that each student can not only progress in his goals and abilities, improving and completing his artistic profile but, through a tutorial accompaniment, he can grow sustained in the search for a personal method to define his own professional relevance.

Artistic Direction: Elisa Pagani.

Opportunities: a possibility of an internship at the DNA company of contemporary dance.

Collaborations: Public Scenario Company Zappalà Danza (Catania) and National Dance Foundation Aterballetto (Reggio Emilia).
Scholarships and facilitation will be provided by the commission at the end of the auditions.

To audition register at

Costs for participants:
Bologna 0 €
Tel Aviv 50 NIMS

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