Anton Safonov: Contemporary dance / Brainmotion course
This is the authentic course for dancers and actors, aimed at stimulating simultaneously the physical, emotional and kinesthetic development.

Where: Kaunas, Lithuania

When: 16-18th of July, 11am-2pm.

Deadline for applications: 9th of July, 2018

The main focus of the course is on obtaining and analysing the new experience – not just a physical but also emotional, psychological, tactile, verbal, etc.
The idea of the course – is not to teach you how to dance! But to give each person instruments of creating your own unique experience, a unique dance.

At workshops we use various practices and methods in synthesis – from a martial art, principles of acrobatics, interaction with a partner, the use of voice and most diverse coordination exercises.

We combine various methods, approach and techniques to improve cognitive flexibility, supporting all activities with a positive and inspirational atmosphere at the lessons. This allows all participants to adopt own experience and reveal hidden resources available in each of us.

How to apply
In order to participate in the workshops, you need to register at and attach the copy of your payment order.

Bank transfer has to be made to:

Association “Teatronas”
Company code: 302430039
SWIFT code: 73000
LT617300010144602581 SWEDBANK

Costs for participants: 50 EUR

For further information, please visit

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