Ancient Attraction Dance and performance residency

When: 6th- 11 th August  ( can arrive evening 5th and stay until 2pm Sun 12th).

Where: Blipbase, Austria ( 1 hour by train from Vienna).

This unique dance introduces participants to the traditions of Indian temple dance while developing awareness of contemporary dance techniques. Together we will create a relevant perspective on the timeless human experience of love.

This residency is Ideal for:

Professional dancers and choreographers who like to incorporate temple dance techniques in their work. Passionate amateurs who like to explore Indian dance and explore it in the context of contemporary movement.

Dance students and scholars interested in learning about Indian classical dance styles and ancient texts.

Yoga practitioners who like to explore the connection with Indian classical dance.

  • Each morning will start with yoga – the focus will be on creating a safe environment that supports curiosity and discovery. ( Yoga teacher to be announced).
  • Daily  training in  the Ancient temple dance traditions:
    • Exploring the square and triangle based postures of Odissi and interaction of wrists, torso and neck movements to develop grace and strength in your dance style.
    • Learning the tools of Indian classical dance such as Mudras – hand gestures that tell stories and facial expressions that can create nine distinct human emotions along with feet positions that help the dancers balance.
    • Delving into the Natya Shastra – the ancient text of performing arts dating back to 200 BC. This detailed thesis outlines all aspects of performing arts covering stage-design, music, dance, makeup and virtually every aspect of stagecraft.
    • Finally, we will explore “Abhinaya” – theatre dance, to express subtle human emotions like inferiority complex, grief and despair. We will learn a brief choreography, the “Geet Govindam ” – an epic of divine love composed in the 12th century where the ultimate purpose of love is to seek the inner self.
  • Each afternoon, artist Emma James (UK, contemporary dancer and choreographer), will lead sessions that activate awareness of our physical possibilities and capabilities.
    • The process will consist of methods that nurture the tools of imagination such as task-based improvisations.
    • We will embrace developed choreography which allows us to experience more of ourselves.
  • Each evening we will gather new material that acts as a modern interpretation of the ancient dance form. Creating a new work that represents our individual reality and the collective consciousness.

The last day of the week will act as an outreach opportunity: we will invite local residents to witness and participate in a workshop for children in the local area.

Performance  possibility :

Within this intensive dance week, there is the possibility for participants to share ( in an informal setting) our findings from the week.  As well as offer an opportunity for residents to share a short piece of their own work.

Cost: ( includes training, 3 meals a day and accommodation)

300 Euro – early bird 250 euro (before 15th June).

Interested artists please write to me with a brief bio, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mouli Pal is an exponent of Odissi which is an ancient temple dance from eastern India.

She is also an educator and emerging choreographer committed to preserving her traditional art form while also creating original new work based on contemporary thoughts and ideas

Her recent performances include Hopkins center for Arts, American Consulate Kolkata, Musical Bridges Around the World San Antonio, Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire and CID- UNESCO conference Florida.

Mouli has been invited as a guest lecturer at Dartmouth College, Wellesley College and U Mass Boston.

She has received several honours and awards including grants from NEFA– New England Foundation for the Arts and Mass Cultural Council. She was honoured by Massachusetts State Senator Jamie Eldridge for her contribution to promoting arts and culture.