Amsterdam Spring Workshops April and May 2017

  • Imprography
  • Music / Dance
  • Mass, Mind, Motion

IMPROGRAPHY workshop with Miri Lee

When: April 22-23 Saturday and Sunday, 13:00-18:00 five hours per day

Where: Studio Singel eerste Nasaustraat 3 Amsterdam (second floor of the building)

Imprography’ is the title I am currently using to represent my research in composition. Imprography is the way I wish to describe constant physical writing. I use improvisation to tone an insight of body with an alert intuition. Through my own experiences in improvisation performance, I developed a methodology that supports the performer in how they are able to consider their choices whilst under the pressure of real-time performance. I have exercises that support being active in the context of the moment while maintaining clarity with spatial choices. This needs to happen with an efficacy that is consequential of the sound, light, public and all of the performers in the group. I integrate music, either live or recorded, by musicians whom I have worked with. As makers, we will explore how we can transform our personal role in a performance whilst executing ‘rational’ and clear choices in a potentially hyper-stimulated environment. Through the use of improvisation as a practise, I place an emphasis on the ability to develop for each of the dancer’s way to conduct research and to place that process towards real time performance. I wish for the dancer to explore possibilities from their personal artistic motifs by placing their creative ideas and emotions at the core of their artwork. I wish to encourage the dancer to develop their own unique style and to gain equal confidence as both performer and/or maker. My background, from traditional Korean dance, contains a use of controlled breathing that allows for the dancer to be calm between sculptural pause and dynamic flow. Controlled breathing guides the dancer in a particular way from the core of the body to the spine and limb. The essence of this workshop, is in the visualising of the invisible; physical drawing in the air, the hidden forms in the space and giving instant shape to a thought generated by the perception of the movement. Imprography include physical training, to filter minimal expression as an implied pattern. These patterns evolve into complex movement variations that resonate spontaneous and fluent expression. The training process I use enhances an ability to explore and expand self-direction, quickness of response and a sharpness of execution for making choices. Dancers will be placed in an architectural collaboration, drawing on one’s voluntary artistic participation, building skills out of one’s own creation in a group composition with an inspiration to react body to body, widening their visual perspective with their eye.

Costs for participants: Two days €90 / One day €60 / maximum 15 participants per day.

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MUSIC / DANCE  workshop with Manuela Tessi and Freiederike Wendorf

When: April 30 Sunday

Where: Bodlabot studio OT301 Overtoom 301 Amsterdam (second floor of the building)

This workshop is aimed for dancers and musicians who have an interest in the study and practise of sound and movement in real-time composition with a curiosity to discover an intuitive organisation of the body in space with sound. When relating to live sound, we need to take into consideration how it is altering the state of the body and the mind. We need to allow for raw materials to change moment to moment. As dancers, we need to be extremely alert, to listen to each change, shift of our state of mind and quickly create the material in a playful arena with the sound in space. In this workshops we start with exercises that train the awareness of presence and the listening. We address dancers and musicians the same way, being in this work first of all performers. We will then explore different tones of physicality and qualities of sound, refining the readability of intention in sound and movement, to be able to communicate with the material being generated. We invite the participants to compose material on the spot by letting it emerge from a sense of urgency, a need and a passion to give form to the ever fleeting moment. We encourage each performer to be engaged in their own personal research of physicality of sound and movement, with curiosity and playfulness. In the workshop we will make several pieces, real time compositions of sound and movement as an ensemble: in composing the pieces we will study how to be aware of time passing, tracking our feelings and responses to each other’s media, imagining the potential of the piece as it is being developed, getting to a fine tuning with each other that is close to mind reading. We (Manuela and Friederike) met in Amsterdam working and studying with Katie Duck, and have been collaborating in Berlin since 2014. Noticing the interest and potential in the local artists community of Berlin, we created MusikTanzNullDreißig, a platform aimed at fostering the collaboration of dance and music in performance. Within this initiative we have been curating several performances of instantly composed dance and music in various locations in Berlin, (Club der Polnischen Versager, Dock 11, Tatwerk, Greenhouse a.o.) inviting local and international dancers and musicians to perform with us. Next to performances we also created regular practise sessions, to open the research and the discussion on the relationship music-dance. This Berlin project runs parallel with the Amsterdam series Music Dance 301, curated by Manuela at cultural centre OT301. This workshop will be a platform for both musicians and dancers to meet and begin to collaborate. It is essential, in the times we are living in, to contribute to the production of art by creating platforms and gathering crowds to experience the work. Those platforms provide opportunity for our performances and the work of peers, allowing continuity in the research. We believe that creativity needs to be promoted bottom-up, without waiting for permission from funding bodies and established venues, rather by getting hands dirty, digging into the material.

13:00-17:00 four hours per day /

Costs for participants: €40 / maximum 12 participants.

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MASS, MIND, MOTION workshop with Charlie Morrissey

When: May 27-28 Saturday 11:00-15:00 four hours / Sunday May 28 19:00-22:00 three hours.

Where: Studio Singel eerste Nasaustraat 3 Amsterdam (second floor of the building)

This workshop will play with ongoing interests I have in how perception, imagination, physiology and physics are in a constant interplay in human movement. We will work with images and exercises that shift the ways in which we experience movement. The work is influenced on Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine, on Lisa Nelson’s preparations for Tuning Scores, Contact Improvisation, and on my own current and collaborative researches into movement and mind/body relationships. The workshop will be a combination of practical exercises and improvisational scores. Working individually, with a partner or partners, and as a group we will build a shared body of information as we go along so that we can cultivate an easy interplay between each other and the space that we work in. The work fosters a readiness and availability in the body to the different layers of possibility that arise as we move. Deep listening is encouraged as a means of tapping into what’s there – in our bodies, in the environment and in our interactions with others. We use the information we discover as a resource for our dancing and play with this as we engage in the moment-to-moment composition that is produced by the movement of our attention. These workshops are a place for curiosity and discovery, and you are invited to come along and take the ride.

Costs for participants: Both days €70 / Saturday €40 / Sunday €30 / maximum 20 participants per day.

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