As a child I practiced many sports, but at the age of 7 after my first ballet class I fell in love with dance.

My name is Amerigo Delli Bove. I was born in 1992 in Genoa, Italy. I started my dance education in my home land at asd Dance Mission. I graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Contemporary Dance in 2013 at Accademia Susanna Beltrami (Milan). That was the moment I decided to dedicate my entire life to dance. In 2014 being part of the EDge Dance Company (LCDS – London) we toured across UK and Europe.

Nowadays, after graduating with a Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Dance from London, I am based in Gent (Belgium). At present I am collaborating the choreographers Jan Martens (BIS – The Dog Days Are Over), Jordi Vidal (La Rencontre – New creation) and Nina Wijnmaalen (Auf meiner seele hat ein fremdling getanzt). I am Artistic Director of the International Dance Competition Talent Garden in Genoa (Italy) and I also lead physical classes and workshops.

I saw on DancSUCCESSFUL STORIES Amerigo Delli Boveing Opportunities that Nina Wijnmaalen was looking for a dancer to replace an existing role in “Auf Meiner Seele Hat Ein Fremdling Getanzt”, so I decided to send her my application. After we exchanged emails I got the invitation to take part in her piece with the possibility to perform in Torino at Teatro Stalker. It has been one of the most amazing work experience I’ve ever had. I got the chance to meet the rest of the cast three days before the first rehearsal day in Italy and I immediately discovered that they are genuine artists. This and being a respectful group made the time we spent together during the Italian premiere incredible. There I worked in collaboration with fine artists, actors and non artists. I got the chance to work on something rare for a dancer as it was not a dance piece but a performing art. The process around the project was very different than what I’ve experienced before such as rehearsals, ideas, warming up, preparation and gathering together.

The Sunday we first met in the studio in Amsterdam Nina gave me a task to improvise some parts of the piece. Earlier in her email she wrote “I do not work with artist in general, I work with each human being present in the studio”. I had to make those dance parts mine. Nina’s cast gave me a different energy and emotion that I didn’t feel before. They made me part of their year long creation and together we created a family atmosphere. That thought on the plane back to Belgium made me cry a lot. I felt immediate artistic connection with Nina and that was the moment she decided to trust me. Now I am really excited to collaborate with her on a new production. As well as with all the wonderful group of artists part of the project.

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