American Butoh Invasion features the work of 4 prominent American artists. Each individual brings years of experience in butoh, performance art and Noguchi Taiso to share. Their unique practices will inspire arresting and unknown dances that communicate beyond the catharsis that will surely be experienced.

Where: Tiyatro Medresesi, Sirence, Turkey

When: November 7 – December 16, 2022

Deadline for applications: November 6, 2022 (see website for dates of Early-Bird discounts)

Julie Becton Gillum’s Noguchi water body practice feeds and prepares the body, creating the conditions for movement to emerge as a natural response. In examining “13 Aspects of Butoh”, dancers will practice the conditions of sensation, presence, will, gravity and the space in between (“ma”). Vanessa Skantze immerses dancers in the elements of fire, water and breath as well as their own inner realm of history and dreams. The body in crisis unravels and unfetters itself by viscerally embracing the Innate, chaotic rhythms and intense forms that arise. Greatly inspired by studying and dancing under Yoko Ashikawa in Tokyo, Americanbutoh pioneer Joan Laage’s process consists of erasing and recreating the body through explorations of time, space and nature imagery with the fetal body at the root of the dance. CillaVee’s performance pedagogy “Living Art” uses guided movement meditations as tools for explorations that emphasize her performance method “Motion Sculpture”. This state of suspended existence offers opportunities to experience and create durational performance installations.
6 hours of class per day, 5 days per week, performances, jams etc???!!! evenings and weekends

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Costs for participants: Total cost including tuition and accommodation starts at 250 Euros, increasing in price as time gets closer to event.

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Julie Becton Gillum

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