We are an alternative Performance & Multidisciplinary Art Education Program where you learn the tools, techniques, and methods that are necessary to create your own world with your own rules, and live fully from your art.

Where: Budapest, Hungary

MODULE 1: “Body”: 2023.Aug.07-Oct.20. and/or
MODULE 2: “Identity”: 2023.Oct.30-2024.Jan.26. and/or
MODULE 3: “Society”: 2024.Feb.05-Apr.21

Deadline for applications: ongoing

– Flexible commitment: 3 or 6 or 9 months
– Choose from 3 modules: “Body” (Module 1) and/or “Identity” (Module 2) and/or “Society” (Module 3)
– 19 international “Unlearning Facilitators” (From Brazil, India, China, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Tunisia, Hungary, Ukraine, France, Germany, Greece…)
– 10 dance, improvisation & performance techniques: Ndombolo (Congo), Azonto (Ghana), Afro House (Angola), Amapiano (South Africa), Naija Street Styles (Nigeria), Funk carioca (twerk), Contemporary / Improvisation, Release, Fusion Bellydance, Waacking
– 10 relaxation, meditation & healing techniques: Qi-gong, Tai Chi, Guided Yoga, Breathing techniques, Guided Meditation, Guided Hypnosis, Psychomagic act, Collective singing, Moongoddess & Dragonbreath Method, Shiatsu Japanese Massage
– 5 martial art techniques: Kung Fu (Chinese martial arts), Play Fight, Self-defense, Kalaripayattu (Indian martial art), Budo (Japanese martial art)
– 4 flow toy techniques: 3 ball juggling, Staff spinning, Hula hooping, Poi spinning
– 3 creations with 3 guest choreographers (from India, Vietnam, and France)
– 3 personal creations with public showcase
– Interdisciplinary art practices: Dj & Mixing, Sound & Field recording, Zine making, Creative Writing, Weaving, Body Painting, Sketching & Drawing
– Methods & Tools to build your own art world and create your own art project with an appropriate economic model
– Public space performances, Lecture performances, Community rituals, Land Art
– This is an intergenerational and intercultural Art School, designed for women of all ages, all disciplines, backgrounds, and experiences.
– Based on theoretical insights, embodied experiences, techniques, methods, and a set of tools, this program is for you if you want to prepare, nourish or develop a professional career as an artist, performer, choreographer, maker, facilitator, space holder, workshop-leader, healer, art therapist, creative practitioner, community activist…
– You will receive a professional certificate of completion as a “Creative Space Holder”, “Healing Facilitator” and/or “Multidisciplinary Creative Practitioner”.
– Teaching language: English

How to register:
Step 1: Online registration (https://www.schoolofdisobedience.org/body-identity-society.html)
Step 2: Video-Call (interview)

Costs for participants:
1 module of your choice (3 months): 3600 €
2 modules of your choice (6 months): 5600 €
All 3 modules (9 months): 7600 €
For discounts & scholarships: check our website.

Contact details: https://www.schoolofdisobedience.org/body-identity-society.html

For further information, please visit https://instagram.com/school_of_disobedience

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