Join the award-winning Alleyne Dance in the studio for a dynamic, powerful, and emotionally enriching week-long experience.

Where: Siobhan Davis Studios, 85 St George’s Rd, London SE1 6ER, UK

When: 2 – 6 September 2024
Monday-Thursday 10.30-15.30- Physical Training & Exploration
Friday 10.00-14.00- Reflect, Experiment & Strategise

Enhance your performance, stamina, and musicality through complex sequences and improvisation. Highlights include Company Class, Learning Repertoire, and Creative Sessions with personalised training and one-on-one mentorship. Perfect for dancers, choreographers, and teachers passionate about movement and creativity.

How to apply / register:
This link will take you to the payment page. Please use this as a reference for your payment #AD24[yourname]

If you do not have an opportunity to write a reference, please do make sure the payment is under your full name.

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Costs for participants: £200

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