Join the award-winning company Alleyne Dance in the studio for a physical and creative challenge!

Where: East London Dance, The Talent House 3 Sugar House Lane, London, United Kingdom, E15 2QS

When: Monday 4 December – Friday 8 December 2023 | Time: 10am – 3pm

Alleyne Dance Intensive Training Week will be physical, emotional and challenging. We will work through strong, complex and technical sequences and improvisation, focusing on performance, stamina and musicality.

The Intensive will consist of Company Class, Learning Repertoire and a Creative Session led by company artistic directors Kristina and Sadé Alleyne. This will be a physically demanding programme involving complex and technical vocabulary, where participants will develop their performance skills, stamina and creative language.

We will play with the art of intention and honesty of movement and how emotions can transform material or be used as stimuli. This intensive is for participants discovering their personal styles in movement, self-development to improve in auditions and creative processes, choreographers who want to test their creative methods and teachers who need inspiration for generating material. In these sessions the participant will explore many ways to devise onto others / their own solo/ group explorations and partner work.

How to register:

Costs for participants:
£175 (without fees)
£190.30 (inclusive of fees)
Participants will receive a discount to Alleyne Sisters workout programme.

Contact details: Alleyne Dance:

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