“AFFORDANCE, The Instant Out Of Time” Workshop on site-specific performance between sea, parks, and art. Four days in the beautiful setting of the Parks of Nervi of the Ligurian Riviera (Genova, Italy) to learn more about the techniques of open-air performance.

Where: Parks of Nervi, Genoa, Italy

When: 5th till 8th September 2019

Deadline for applications: 4th September 2019

We will face moments of study in the hall and then we will practice outdoor: on the beautiful promenade at sea Anita Garibaldi, inside the parks and the GAM (Gallery of Modern Art).

We will draw on some knowledge/techniques of improvisation in dance and from Contact Improvisation as useful tools for performative action. The performances will be improvised and related to the context.


Affordance* “defines the physical quality of an object that suggests to a human being the appropriate actions to manipulate it. The term affordance can be translated as “invitation”; this concept belongs neither to the object itself nor to its user but is created by the relationship established between them” (James Gibson).
The same happens when we allow the environment to enter into a relationship with us, in improvisation it becomes a partner: when we are listening it is the context itself that invites us to act/react to the inputs (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, symbolic, normative, etc.) and to each stimulus or situation we can respond with a single action, we act a “sign” (whether active or passive) between infinite possibilities. We make “instinctive choices” that are the result of multiple factors that constitute us in a given moment here and now (physical structure; ability, gestural vocabulary, and acquired patterns; perception, proprioception, personal aesthetic taste, emotional condition, social and cultural codes, etc.). Dance can only be composed and accomplished in a continuous present, every moment is revealed to itself and creates the possibilities for the next situation, and here is that the moment no longer belongs to time, but is the child, rather, of the creative relationship …

During the 4 days of the workshop the musician Alessandro Ginevri will work with us, he will deepen the research from a sound point of view. The relationship between sound and live music will be an important part of the work.

// THEMES //

– Body tone and tone changes
– Contact: proxemics and environmental space
– Vision
– Psychophysical state of improvisation
– Authentic Movement and exploration of your own creative channels
– Listening (of oneself, of the partner, of the group, of the space)
– Instant Composition
– Less is more: emotional and energy saving of performance
– Performance dramaturgy: support for the solo and the group,
rhythm, dynamics, development
– Relationship with live music in performance
– Relationship with the public of the performance


14/15: reception and registration
15/20: workshop
20.30/21.30: dinner
22/24: jam

7/9.30: breakfast
10/13: workshop
13/16: break (free lunch and self-managed, possibility to go to the beach or rest in the park)
16/20: workshop
20.00: aperitif on the sea and free evening (the aperitif is optional and is not included in the costs)

7/9.30: breakfast
10/13: workshop
13/16: break (free lunch and self-managed, possibility to go to the beach or rest in the park)
16/19.30: workshops
20/21: dinner
21.30/ 23.00: workshops

7/9.30: breakfast
10/13: workshop
13/16: lunch break and transfer to Genoa city center
16/18: warm-up + final performative action


We will be guests in the beautiful college of Emiliani built overlooking the sea, we will sleep in the gym with a sleeping bag and mattresses. Those who want a more comfortable accommodation may request a room (double or triple with bathroom and shower room) for 35 € per night.
Breakfast and two dinners (Thursday and Saturday) are included in the price, lunch, and dinner on Friday are excluded and self-managed. In fact, we expect that in the lunch break there will be who wants to eat by the sea, who in the park …
There is, however, a structure in the area with which we have an agreement, which can offer good meals at cheap prices.
The food will be vegetarian, in case of vegan needs please let us know in time!

// BIO //


Performer, director, and dramaturge, works mainly with ONCE Danza Teatro company of which she is a founding member [www.oncedanzateatro.com], although, in recent years, she has worked as a freelance dancer and/or director in theatre productions, operas, and performances.

She has been practicing dance since the age of six: classical, jazz and then contemporary. Among the main teachers: Giovanni Di Cicco, Piera Pavanello, Claudia Monti, Alessandro Certini, Virgilio Sieni, Cinzia De Lorenzi, Giorgio Rossi, and Massimiliano Barachini. It was 2006, and since then her love and interest in this practice have continued to grow. Shortly afterwards she discovered Contact Improvisation, another lightning strike. In the meantime, together with Bonnie Eldred and Farah Saleh she founded a research group on improvisation and performance, in 2009 they became ONCE research company, production, and organization. Also in 2009, she graduated in Anthropology and Ethnology with a thesis entitled “Improvisations in dance, the art of self”, a study on the political dimension of improvisation in dance. Since then she has continued to study CI (some of the masters: Franco Zita, Max Barachini, Ruslan Santah, Ivanna Smolyana, Sveta Bird, Inna Falkova, Frey Faust, Linda Buffali, Javier Cura, Itay Yatuv, Urs Stauffer, Joerg Hassman, Alex Guex). In 2013 she starts teaching Contact Improvisation.

Decisive experiences in her research path on improvisation have been:

– a workshop of improvisation in the street, led by Cinzia de Lorenzi and Giorgio Rossi, addressed to dancers and musicians, from which was born “Tripo” a collective of artists who met occasionally, in different cities to improvise open air;

– ONCE’s workshops where they explored for a long time (weeks or months) the chosen focus:
> Dialectic between dancers and musicians in improvisation (with Bonnie Eldred, Farah Saleh, Lucille Marsac, and Rebecca Brown) – 2007
> Perception – a research tool towards new compositional possibilities in the relationship between artist and public (with Bonnie Eldred and Max Barachini) – 2008/09
> Places in the body – anthropological investigation of contemporary spaces: incorporation of codes and practices of submission in different urban contexts – 2010 (with Bonnie Eldred and Paola Pessina)

– another important experience was Allegro Compostabile – research group on improvisation in urban contexts (with Linda Buffali, Cristina Crippa, Anna Da Pozzo, Vera De Propis, Glenda Giacco, Claudia Giordano, Elisa Ghion) – 2017

Finally, it was essential for her to go out on the street, alone, without music and without a hat, and dance among the people.


Alessandro approached Contact Improvisation about two years ago. This allowed him to explore the body by expanding his hearing, tactile and spatial listening skills. After a few months, he started playing during Contact jams using the transverse flute, loop station, effects, synthesizer and objects of various kinds.
He participated in the Italy Contact Camp 2018 as one of the official musicians. He then continued to play during other contact jams. In May 2019 he was invited as a musician to the Contact Improvisation Festival in Ukraine.

Education: from the age of 16, he approached music by singing and composing for different bands, then decided to undertake the study of classical flute and then jazz. Initially in the band of the country, then with private teachers including Francesca Rapetti (Gnu Quartet) and Michele Gori (teacher and jazz composer). In the meantime, he stumbles on other wind instruments and guitar. Later he will play in projects where the folklore of southern Italy is at the center. This will allow him to successfully participate in the European Community project “Migration in Europe and local tradition” by performing several concerts in Germany.
He will participate as a co-composer and musician in the play “The Great Temple” (by and with Luca Agricola). He works as an educator in various situations with adults, children and the disabled. On these occasions, he uses music as a functional element to facilitate the educational relationship and therefore maieutic-emotional. He studies the piano as self-taught.

The organization is by Valeria Chan and Sara Due Torri.
In collaboration with: Associazione Saravà, ONCE danzateatro, GAM modern art gallery.

To register you must send an email with a short CV and motivational letter to contactimproge@gmail.com.

Costs for participants:
Early bird registration within the 15th of August 230€,
after 250€ (accommodation, breakfasts and 2 dinners included).

For further information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/857482941290194/

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