Admission for the 180º Professional Training Program – Madrid

Where: C/Cea Bermúdez 45 Madrid, Spain

Deadline for registrations: May 26, 2017

Admission audition: June 3, 2017. 10.30am.

Training for students aged 16 and over who want to reach a high technical level. We give a wide variety of classes targeted for the Modern/Contemporary dancer and Jazz/Commercial/Musical Theatre dancer.

The entire training is divided into three cycles, each one with their own distinct and specific subjects. The Title is awarded once the student successfully passes all the cycles.

The time that each student spends on each cycle will depend on their level and the teacher evaluations, in this way our training is much fairer and personalized.

It can also be taken in any year, the only requirement is that it is taken in an academic year: from September to June.

How to apply:

Fill the Application Form on our website:

The Audition is free of charge. The Program cost and information is on our website:

Contact details:
+34 646 439 452

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