The Acting For Dancers workshop experience is for you, if you seek to explore and dive into the world of acting and close the gap between movement and language.

Where: Tanzhaus Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

When: 9. to 11. Ocotber 2020

There will be a strong emphasis on improvisation, character studies, and voice work, so you will get to meet the actor that is already dormant within you. You will learn how to consciously use your own imagination, intimacy, creativity and physicality to build an authentic character and connect to the persona you are embodying. You will get to know different acting approaches and create a toolbox that individually works for YOU and your needs as a dancer and performer. Towards the end of the workshop we will joyfully explore and stretch your performing abilities trough guided scene work (monologues, dialogues and group scenes) from movies & plays of different genres, so you’ll learn how to be fully present, remain natural, listen and react rather than act in a given setting.

To register and for further information visit:

Costs for participants: CHF 120

Contact details: Tanzhaus Zürich
Wassewerkstrasse 127a
8037 Zürich

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