At the culmination of their current process, creating new piece ‘Seedling’, ‘theMiddletonCorpus’ are offering an opportunity to join Anthony Middleton (Artistic Director) & company members in the studio at ‘Dance Studio Leeds’, for a workshop exploring the seamless combination of acrobatics and dance.

Where: Dance Studio Leeds, Mabgate Mills, LS9 7SW Leeds, United Kingdom

When: Saturday, 4th of November 2017 (1pm – 4:30pm)

Deadline for application: 3rd of November 2017 (before 5pm)

Anthony’s unique language and aesthetic, with ‘theMiddletonCorpus’, explores the fluid integration of acrobatic skills and dance, creating what he describes as ‘sculptural dance’.

“Rather than the focus simply being upon the physical prowess and skill of acrobatics, I wanted to explore a way to uncover the inherent ability for physical language, bodies working together, trusting each other; and utilise that language to ‘speak’ about concepts. It’s not what we are necessarily doing, but ‘how’ we are doing it.”  (Anthony Middleton).This workshop will be an opportunity for those interested in partner-work, contact and acrobatics, to experience Anthony’s individual approach to exploring and creating materials, as well as learning repertoire from their new work.

The workshop is in Leeds (UK) on the 4th of November, 1pm – 4.30pm and the cost is £12 per participant (£10 for students).

To book, email: (We will process payment through bank transfer)

Cost:  £12 per participant (£10 for Students)

For further information, please visit

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