Abhyaasa Dance Arts Retreat – a residency designed to offer an immersion into the nature of practice in dance and its inter-connectedness with other arts and the inner-self.

Where: Vinyasa The Dance Ashram, Jaipur, India

When: January 2nd – 22nd 2023

Deadline for applications: December 15th

Abhyaasa brings forward the importance of Abhyaas (Practice) through this 3 weeks customised dance training program. The artists and students will spend time under one roof to learn, explore, communicate and most importantly PRACTICE. And this wouldn’t be done under a cemented room but in the boundaries of mother earth with all the sustainable methods of planting and building natural Earth dwellings.

Abhyaasa aims to provide a plethora of knowledge under one roof. From Contemporary Dance, to Modern Dance, to Yoga, to Sculpting. This Program will also incorporate – Jamming, contact improvisation and introduction to wildlife conservation, Natural Building, Permaculture, etc. At the end of the residency participants will have the opportunity to showcase their experience through a performance under the mentorship of the teachers.

All this, in an ecological setup with fresh air and love for Nature along with traditional Rajasthani food and dorm stay.

FOR MORE DETAILS – https://itsvelan.notion.site/Vinyasa-The-Dance-Ashram-ebc0c1104b8c461baa975a25eb646adf

How to register:
Fill up the registration form given below and email us your Resume, Photo and a short note.

Costs for participants:
Rs – 33040/- For Entire Program, Rs- 25960/- For 2 Weeks, Rs- 17700/- For 1 Week *inclusive of GST

Contact details:
Email – vinyasa.ashram@gmail.com
Call/whatsapp – +91-7737607227
Instagram DM – https://www.instagram.com/vinyasathedanceashram/

For further information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/vinyasathedanceashram/

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