A practical online workshop about Postdramatic Strategies in Performance by Carlos Rodero for dancers, performers, choreographers and directors.

Where: Online

When: November 27 – 28

Deadline for applications: Once reached the maximum number of participants [8]

A DRAMATURGY for Upcoming Times
Postdramatic Strategies in Performance
Carlos Rodero
International Online Workshop [Zoom]
for contemporary dance & physical theatre performers

Two-session workshop:

Saturday November 27th from 10,00 to 16,00 [GMT+2]
Sunday November 28th from 10,00 to 14,00 [GMT+2]

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Guide lines and tools about how to face the creation process methodology and staging a performance based in an alternative postdramatic conception for performers who explore the borders of a non-traditional dramaturgy.
This is NOT a [theoretical] workshop about the “history” of postdramatic performance. We will go through some questions that rises in the work of performers and creators facing the future, in the most practical way allowed in an online frame. Furthermore, theoretical aspects postdramatic artists put on the spot since the end of last century might be under discussion.

Topics to discuss and work about:

An approach to a definition
Targets & Methodology
Limits of physicality on stage
The Posthuman Body
Poetics of the Object
Sign & Image
Deconstruction of the Text
Space & Composition
Dealing with Sound & Media
Reception & Audience

A detailed programme will be sent to the participants once they book their spot.


Dance, physical theatre and other performers, directors, dramaturgs and choreographers who work or explore an alternative staging for a performance.

The maximum of participants cannot exceed the number of 8. We will book the spots in a strict order once we receive the booking fee.


We will provide the participants of a concrete case study in order to develop a practical analysis. Furthermore, participants may share a sample to their work to put it under discussion.


The workshop will be held in English.

We will provide all participants a video recording of the complete two sessions.


Carlos Rodero

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To apply, send your application to workshops@miseroprospero.com with your CV and a sample of your work. And, please, tell us what you expect from the workshop and / or if you have any concrete target.
Once accepted, we’ll ask you to send the booking fee to get the zoom link of the two sessions and the materials used during the workshop.

Costs for participants: 60 euros

Contact details: Contact details: If you have any question, you can send us an email to miseroprospero@miseroprospero.com or find us here in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/929316014663847

For further information, please visit https://miseroprospero.com/

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