A blow of composition. Fresh and immediate expression from the vortex of creative source. Free from thoughts, sense it, do it. Imagination brought into expression. Step by step through conscious craziness to a final dance.
Completely focused on PARTNERING we work on the using the body‘s weight, both our own and the other one.

Where: Via Roggia Scagna, 5 – Milano – Italy

When: 24th – 27th of July 2018 / 10 am – 1 pm

Deadline for applications: 20th of July


In 4 days we concentrate on every encounter in different aspects. The work grows constantly and embraces the vast complexity of the bond between our being and our doing.
Following our instinctive perception for first, at every accomplishment, another door opens where we can make a shift into awareness.

Weight as support and dynamic motor in shaping a figure.
How to modulate muscles in the way in which a figure remains constantly in movement, even at the point of an apparent no return.
Mastering weight transfer.
Being interdependent between the two, that has to do with courage and giving permission for energetic penetration.

To bring technique into poetic we motivate expression.

Charged by the experience from the last two days we now tap into everyone’s creative source trying to transform imagination into the physical material. By doing so we transcend description in favor of a dynamic narration.

We definitely raise the story up into a poetic composition where everything flows together into oneness.


The training is open to those who already did some work on any kind of movement: dance, actorˋs activity, martial arts or other disciplines.
There is no special technique required. Be simply ready to tap into the bodyˋs energies and into some unknown parts of you.

If you can, bring kneepads.

To apply contact Franco via mobile or write an email and ask to participate in our summer intensive!

Costs for participants: 80 euros for all days

Contact details:
+39 347 053 3121 Franco Reffo

For further information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/compagnianut11/

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