The flash call for 600 BEATS has been open: a dance opportunity for choreographers organized by Stefano Fardelli in collaboration with Pitti Immagine and Unicredit.

Where: Italy and Belgium

When: Showcase and pre-selections on February 23rd 2024

Deadline for applications: February 18th 2024 at midnight C.E.T. – Central European Time Zone

Why ‘600 Beats’?, because each pre-selected choreographer will have 600 seconds, 10 minutes, to present one of their existing works, live in Florence.

But how does the showcase work? The open call requires choreographers to write a dossier for a new solo project or for a duet if the author is also a dancer. They will have to write a new project inspired by the culture of one of the countries in the world where the EurAsia Dance Project International Network is based and works every year between America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

There is an online pre-selection where the candidates can apply with an already existing work of 10 minutes: this can be a solo that candidates dance themself, a solo created for another dancer or a duet in case the author is also a dancer. This piece, part of their repertoire, will then be presented live in Florence, in case they will be pre-selected and invited for the Showcase happening on February 23rd. Up to a maximum of 10 choreographers will be invited to Florence to present their works: this is for Stefano Fardelli and the commission to see and understand how they work with bodies, their quality and dance vocabulary in the choreographic work, approach and ability to handle a dramaturgy for a choreographic composition.

One choreographer will then be chosen for the third and final step of 600 BEATS, selecting the best presented dossier for a new solo or duo project  that matches the best work Stefano Fardelli and the commission will see live in Florence.

Then the chosen choreographer will have the chance to realize and work on the new artistic project presented by dossier, that they will develop together with one of the EurAsia Dancers, through residencies and performances in Italy in collaboration with the partners of the showcase and in Europe through the EurAsia Dance Project International Network.

Choreographers can create a solo for the EurAsia Dancer or a duet in case the author is also a dancer.

The EurAsia Dancer that will collaborate with the selected choreographer through all the process and tour will be chosen by Stefano Fardelli: all the dancers part of EurAsia Dance Project International Networks come from the same countries the candidates of the showcase will have to select for writing their new idea for the new artistic project.

All artistic residencies will be financially supported and therefore remunerated with a cachet for the two artists (selected choreographer + EurAsia Dancer) that will also include travel and accommodation costs.

How to apply:
The video for the online pre-selection has to be sent through online registration by email to along with the Regulation, Registration and EurAsia forms (that you can download from the website all filled in and signed.

Applications must include the following documentation:

– the 10 minutes video proposed for the showcase has to be uploaded on Youtube and shared with EurAsia through an “Unlisted” link.

– dossier for the new idea for a new dance project inspired by one of the given countries.

– Regulation, Registration and EurAsia forms: the files have to be sent in PDF file format after being filled in and signed.

– copy of the passport or ID

– few professional pics of the choreographer applying for the contest

– few professional photos of the piece that applicants are proposing for the showcase in Florence

– curriculum vitae of the choreographer applying for the contest

– link to the artist’s website, if available

– one professional pic and CV of the dancer: this in case the choreographer is proposing a duet where they are partnering with another dancer

Costs for participants: Free of charge for participants

Contact details: For applying and for more info:
WhatsApp: +39 3394424771

For further information, please visit

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