The 3rd International Contest for Mature Contemporary Dance Soloists is accepting applicants.

Where: Mexico City

When: August 5th 2020

Deadline for applications: March 16th, 2020

1. The contest is open to contemporary dance soloists that are 40 years old and above.
2 The piece to present should be maximum 10 minutes long.
3. The technical requirements and the scenography proposed should be minimal and should be adapted to the conditions of the venues where the contest will be presented.
4. The contest will consist of four facets:
a) Proof of age and career
b) Pre-selection of the piece through video
c) Semifinal
d) Final
5. There will be an economic prize per category of 500 euros. The winner will be selected by a jury made up of specialists in contemporary dance.
6. In this edition, the FIDCDMX will propose up to three categories according to the age range of the selected participants.
7. The event will be held on August the 5th 2020.
8. The jury will select up to three contestants who will be dancing in the opening of FIDCDMX on August the 6th 2020.
9. To apply, it is necessary to send the next information to the following e-mail
a. An official document that proves to be 40 years old and above.
b. Small biography or resume.
c. A video of the full piece with which the soloist will apply, or else, a video of the work in progress.
The video should be rigorously presented in a YouTube or Vimeo link (with password in case of being private); otherwise it would be impossible to consider it.
10. The deadline for applying is March 16th, 2020. If an artist (in order to apply for fundraising) to be able to come and participate, need to know their results before, it is possible to send the verdict of the preselection beforehand.
11. The official results will be published on April the 17th 2020. The interpreters who reach this phase will be opportunely notified about the venues where the contest will continue. However, it is important to notice that the availability required is from August 5th to August 16th, 2020.
12. Accommodation and meals for up to 4 days (only for the soloist) will be provided. The FIDCDMX has limited financial resources. In case of being selected, we will encourage and support you to establish contact with your local cultural institutions and embassies to cover the transportation costs.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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