Unity Space presents East Point West – Interdisciplinary Festival of Embodiment, a one-of-a-kind international festival where you can experience diverse disciplines from across the world to integrate, unite and evolve in your art form as well as in life.

Where: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Malaysia

When: 22 July – 02 August 2020

3rd East Point West | Interdisciplinary Festival of Embodiment
A meeting point of East & West, a Festival to learn, grow and integrate Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit through the unique integration of Dance, Performing, Visual and Spiritual Arts.

During the festival, the participants have the choice to join two “elective workshops” and one “performance workshop”. The performance workshops at the end of the festival will culminate into a public performance on the 1st & 2nd of August 2020.

All workshops and performances will be at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.

* HELDER SEABRA (PT) – Presence in Performance.
* RODERICK GEORGE (USA) – Choreographic Poetics.
* OLIVIA COURT MESA & YOCHAI GINTON (CL/ROU) – Contact Improvisation in Performance – Common Body.
* PIPPA & TARA JADE SAMAYA (AUS) – Dance on Film for performance.
* VANGELIS LEGAKIS (GR/HK) – Embodied Unity.

> Dance & Martial Arts Electives:
(each participant can choose one elective workshop)
* ALESSANDRO SOLLIMA (IT) – Instant Observation.
* TINA A. BREIOVA (CZ) – Performance & Inner connection.
* MIRVA MAKINEN (FI) – Contact Improvisation.
* EA TORRADO (PH) – Daloy Movement
* VANGELIS LEGAKIS (GR/HK) – Gliding Space.
* Master JACK LEE (MY) – Martial Arts.

> Spirituality and Healing Electives:
(each participant can choose one elective workshop)
* CINDY LEE (MY) – Forrest Yoga.
* BEN TONG (MY) – Tai Chi.
* SARAH, Y.C. CHU (HK) – Rehabilitation Somatics.
* VANGELIS LEGAKIS (GR/HK) – QiGong & Kundalini Yoga.
* TBC – Hatha Yoga.
* TBC – Sound Healing.
* TBC – Photography in Motion.

**The selection of workshops is binding and can not be changed during the festival.

We wish to offer new pathways in dance and life by integrating eastern with western philosophies and traditions. Our era at the current time is bombarded by so much information that is hard to grasp. The festival aims to offer the opportunity and the right environment for integration. Vangelis Legakis is organising, teaching and spreading interdisciplinary-integrative projects and festivals across the world to create and offer the opportunity to transform and integrate our life with dance. We are looking forward to welcoming you to this unique experience

How to apply: We are now accepting registrations! Visit the website with all information and an online application form.

Costs for participants:
> FIRST 30 PASSES @ 560 Euros.
> Come with a friend 530 Euros per person.
> SPECIAL OFFERS 360 Euros for half scholarships (Limited Availability to students, volunteers and artists in need).
**Cost cover all workshops, performance pass for the teachers shows, accommodation, lunch and breakfast.
***For Malaysians we offer special prices: > 1500 RM for Full Festival Pass. > 900 for Half Festival Pass.

Contact details: Email for all enquiries and to submit your application:

For further information, please visit https://east-point-west.unityspace.org/

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