A 3 months full-immersion Butoh School with final performance creation.

Where: Kopenaghenerstr. 16, 10437, Berlin, Germany

When: 3 Sept 2023 – 30th November 2023

Deadline for applications: Registration until July 25th

A new approach to dance and theatre through a contextualization of Butoh
Butoh Basic Training 1st Module “The Body of Butoh”+ 2nd Module “Embodiment of Textures”

A profound insight into the art of “an embodiment” can be found in Butoh, not just as a form of dance but as a form of soul, spirit, … deep, primordial roots with the Universe to be investigated. Entering into the butoh experience is entering into a place where our whole body movements, standing, walking and our whole life become poetry in Motion. Now from the Japanese Avantgarde born officially in 1959, what shall we filter? What shall we take? What shall remain?

This course, for both beginners and professionals in the performing arts, is thought of as a beginner/advanced course. From a gentle introduction to the history and philosophy of Butoh to a detailed methodology with precise exercises will provide the base for each student to enter into the deep immersion of the Butoh Journey, a multi-sensorial experience to preciously encounter. At the end, each student will create a solo piece.

Warm-up, alignment, breathing
Gross body/subtle body
Opening the concept of the body part by part
Connecting breath to energy force and movement
Radial body
Radial space
Capturing the space
Small, Big, Height, and Depth
Opening the concept of time

Base Foundation
Basic Posture
Koshi/ Hips Location and Use

The Body of Butoh Review
The embodiment of materials, paintings, sounds, text, food
Videos, Photos, and original material will be shared
A PDF with a suggestion on how to continue to train afterward will be provided to each student that will complete the course
The student will create text, music & light for their final solos, group performances
60days x 4 h a day, 240 h total
Monday-Friday 9:00-15:00 (including a lunch break) except 06.10; 03.11; 01.12 (no class)
The course will finish on Thursday 30 November with a Final Presentation

Dates: 3 Sept 2023 – 30th November 2023

How to apply: Motivation Letter + Short CV to Info@longotiziana.com  (before approval there will be sent a questionnaire to be filled up)

Photo: Yozy Zhang

Costs for participants:
Price: 2500 Euro Registration until July 25th Early bird price if registered before 1st May: 2300 Euro

Contact details:

For further information, please visit www.longotiziana.com

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