Three Months Intensive Butoh School and Final Performance.

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: 2nd April

Deadline for applications: 10th March 2024

A new approach to dance and theatre through a contextualisation of Butoh

This course, for both beginners and professionals in the performing arts, is a beginner/advanced course.
From a gentle introduction to the history and philosophy of Butoh to a detailed methodology with precise exercise it will provide the base for each student to enter into the deep immersion of the Butoh Journey, a multi-sensorial experience to preciously encounter.

Warm-up, alignment, breathing
Gross body/subtle body
Opening the concept of body part by part

Connecting breath to energy force and movement
Radial body
Radial space
Capturing the space
Small, Big, Height and Depth
Opening the concept of time
Time-shaping technical tools
Embodiment of materials, paintings, sounds, text, food
Videos, Photos and original material will be shared

The student will create text, music & light for their final solos, group performances
with a Final Presentation

How to apply:
This year participants will be selected based on a CV, a letter of motivation, a questionnaire and a short Zoom session.
Anyone interested is welcome to contact me by email for further information and details:

Costs for participants: 2500 Euro

For further information, please visit