Elevate your dance artistry throughout a three-day intensive dance workshop, immersing yourself in the captivating realms of classical ballet, dynamic cunningham-influenced modern dance, and the expressive movements of limón-influenced contemporary dance, while engaging in insightful discussions about the challenges of the dance world, unlocking the artistic path through movement, and building a vibrant community for creating future friendships for future performances and collaborations.

Where: LV&C_Studio8, Na Kosince 8, Prague, Czechia

When: 7th July – 9th July 2023

Deadline for applications: 11th June 2023

“The three-day workshop is intended for dance school students and professional dancers over the age of 15 who want to improve their dancing skills and be inspired by styles and techniques that they may have not yet encountered or practiced in depth at the conservatory,” explains Kristyna Kocianova.

The workshop will be held in Kosince in Prague 8, Liben, and will include classical dance and lessons in modern and contemporary techniques. Classical dance training will be in the hands of Katerina Placha, a former member of the Royal Danish Ballet. Arthur Sicilia, a current member of the Austrian theater Tanz Linz, will lead modern dance lessons inspired by the principles of Merce Cunningham, and Kristyna Kocianova, who has danced at Transitions Dance Company in London, will teach contemporary dance inspired by José Limón’s technique.

The workshop includes not only the teaching of these dance techniques, but also open discussions about current situations in the dance world and the possibilities that young artists have today. These discussions will focus on how to develop as an artist and how to find your place in the dance world, which offers a huge range of applications, but can also be confusing for the aspiring professional.

“I was inspired by the desire and opportunities to learn about dance, and gain new experiences with the art abroad. Now I want to share my findings and inspire young dancers” explains Kristyna Kocianova.“ The goal of these workshops is to create a space and community where dancers can support each other, build lasting friendships, and inspire each other to grow and develop as artists,” she adds. Dancers should be motivated to explore the world beyond and not be afraid to step into it with thoughts of success and application.

How to apply:
Please apply throughout the registration form and we will send you responding email with further informations.

Costs for participants: CZK 3,500

Contact details:
Kristyna Kocianova, IDW

For further information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/3_idancew/

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