“291. Dynamics of Chaos” is an interdisciplinary project, that combines dance, performance and audio/visual art (experimental music, sound art, experimental photography, film, video art, installation, objects etc.), inspired by Dadaism, its German creators and its influence on contemporary art. Over the course of a 4-day long meeting in Berlin and a week-long creative laboratory in Warsaw, 10 artists will prepare an artistic installation – their personal response to Dadaism – to be presented in September 2016 in Warsaw.

Deadline for applications: July 27, 2016

Creative freedom, rejection of the canons, variety of styles, combining different techniques, collage, ready-made, deliberate experiments and dialogue – all will be the starting point for artistic work.

The project is co-financed by the City of Warsaw on the 25th anniversary of the partnership between Warsaw and Berlin.

We are looking for ideas that resonate with Dadaism and with the main topic:
„Dynamics of Chaos”
What is your personal answer?

We are looking for:
5 artists from Warsaw and 5 artists from Berlin.
We are open-minded regarding discipline and format. We welcome ideas in the areas of dance, performance, theater, installation, film/video art, music and sound art, object art, interactive and participatory art – anything is possible!
You can propose a solo work or a format to be developed in cooperation with other artists (one person or more) who are invited to the project.

Conditions/What we provide:
– A work/performance fee of 500 Euro/person (including taxes)?– Accommodation for artists from Warsaw in Berlin/for artists from Berlin in Warsaw
– A professional theater stage as well as the possibility of using corridors, staircase, outdoor space
– 3 projectors and cameras ?– Professional video/photographic documentation

The costs of travel and food are the responsibility of the artists themselves.

22-25 August 2016 in Berlin
22.08 – Arrival/first meeting in the late afternoon
23-24.08 – Working meetings/exchanges of ideas, meetings with partner organizations, visits to experimental art centers in Berlin (also practical sessions)
25.08 – Working meeting in the morning/departure

4-12 September 2016 in Warsaw
4.09 – Arrival
5-11.09 – Laboratory/rehearsals and showing
The works will be presented twice over the weekend of September 10th and 11th, and will also be featured on our website and press releases.
12.09 – Departure

Berlin – agitPolska, K77 Studio, Club der polnischen Versager, Exploratorium Berlin, Spektrum Berlin
Warsaw – The Academia Theater
The Academia Theatre is one of the most important hubs of independent culture in Warsaw – located in the famous Praga district.

Working language: English

How to apply:
Please send the following to dada.formatzero@gmail.com
– CV
– Your artistic manifesto (not longer than 1 A4 page) – Who are you? How do you work?
– Your first artistic idea that resonates with Dadaism and with the main topic: „Dynamics of Chaos”
It can be in any form – a short description, a poem, a drawing, a video, a soundtrack, etc.
Be courageous and take a risk!

The deadline to submit is midnight on July 27, 2016!

More information/questions:

The project team:
Gosia Gajdemska
Author and artistic director of the project „291. Dynamics of Chaos”.
Choreographer, dancer, performer and dance educator. For over 10 years, Gosia has been engaged in the area of art & culture, including as an organizer and author, and as a director of dance and theater projects (with professional artists, children and youth, immigrants, blind and deaf people). She currently works primarily with the theme choreography as a visual art form.
Gosia is based in Berlin.

Iwona Wojnicka
President of the Format Zero Association & Artistic Collective
Choreographer and dancer, Certified Movement Analyst, graduate of the 4 year course at Eurolab in Berlin. Iwona is a dancer, performer and choreographer, and has also served as a production dramaturg for stage events. For the last few years, she has been interested in reconstruction and recomposition practices in choreography.

Prof. Roman Wo?niak
Artistic director of the Academia Theatre
Sculptor, lighting designer, director, professor and member of the faculty at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. For the last twenty years, he has run the Academia Theatre in Warsaw, where he combines space and movement and performance studies.

Joanna Stasina
PR manager/Coordinator. Member of the Format Zero Association & Artistic Collective.
A cultural animator and educator with a degree in cultural studies, Joanna specializes in PR and event promotion using both contemporary and traditional media, and is fluent in the use of social media.  She is a coordinator of cultural, social and interdisciplinary projects.

About Format Zero:
Format Zero is a grassroots artistic non-governmental organization which was founded in 2003 to represent a group of independent artists and creators in the dynamic environment of the new democracy in Poland.
FO works in the fields of dance, performance, visual arts and artistic education. We apply innovative choreological studies methods in the area of cultural education. Format Zero fulfils its mission through stage actions, research on art and culture, developmental training and learning processes. Depending on grants, Format Zero acts is largely present on social media and the internet, providing writings and assistance for adult body movement learners of different professions.

The Format Zero Association & Artistic Collective in Warsaw

The project partners:
The Academia Theatre in Warsaw

agitPolska – Polish-German Cultural Cooperation Initiative e.V. in Berlin