It is hoped that the platform will become a bridge providing wings for creations from different countries and backgrounds to come together and discover new possibilities.

A total of 12 dance pieces will be selected for the 4th Stray Birds Dance Platform’s Young Dancers’ Creations performance. Each creation will be performed once, with the order of Performance and dates to be decided by the organizer. Details will be confirmed with regard to the actual number of works.

Where: Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center – Experimental Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

When: December 10-11, 2022

Deadline for applications: 18:00 on July 11, 2022 (GMT+8)

“Stray Birds Dance Platform” project in hopes of creating a bridge and providing opportunities for young choreographers to publish works on the platform. We offer awards and performance opportunities.

Applicant qualifications:
(1) All nationalities welcome
(2) Age of choreographer: 35 years old or younger (as of the date of submission)

Submission qualifications:
(1) Number of performers: 1-2 persons (solo or duo); choreographers may perform their dance pieces
(2) Length: 10-15 minutes
(3) Dance piece status: Released, unreleased, or works in progress are all acceptable
(4) Simple lighting and stage props are preferable
(5) Pieces already released on this platform are not accepted
(6) An applicant may submit more than one creation

(1) Taiwan’s “2023 Stray Birds Dance Platform”: Selected choreographers will be invited to unveil their brand-new solo or duo creations at the “2023 Stray Birds Dance Platform” Showcase. They will also receive an award of TWD30,000.
(2) Taiwan’s “Chiayi New Style Choreography”: Selected choreographers will be invited to “2023 Chiayi New Style Choreography” to create a brand-new dance piece based on a theme inspired by the local culture in Chiayi.
(3) Spain’s “MASDANZA”: Selected dance pieces will be able to partake in “The Solo and Choreography Contests” or “Showcase” in 2023.
(4) Korea’s “New Dance for Asia”: Selected dance pieces will be able to participate in the “Showcase” in 2023.

How to apply / register: please fill out the Online Registration form with all the required information:

Open call results – announcement date: July 29, 2022 (GMT+8)

Stray Birds Dance Platform does not provide rehearsal and performance fees for selected dance pieces. Stray Birds Dance Platform will provide:
(1) Basic stage lighting
(2) Meal subsidy: Choreographers and dancers will be provided with lunch and dinner during theater week ($100/meal for 3 meals; a total of NT$300/individual)
(3) Applicants from outside Taipei City and New Taipei City will be subsidized for transport expenses to and from Taipei City during theater week. Subsidies may be applied for by providing the Platform with paper or electronic tickets.
*Choreographers and dancers for selected international works may apply for transportation on arrival at Taiwan’s airports.
(4) Accommodation subsidy: This subsidy is limited to international selected works. One double room with a double bed (including breakfast) will be provided for working days from the time of arrival in Taiwan, with the location to be decided by the organizer.
(5) In accordance with pandemic prevention measures as set out by Taiwan’s CDC regarding COVID-19, this platform will provide all international works performance week performers and choreographers with one rapid test, and one PCR test before departure from Taiwan. All other costs regarding COVID-19 will be borne by the selected works.
(6) This platform will assist selected works in applying for documents for entry into Taiwan. The related persons of such works must adhere to Taiwan’s quarantine rules of 7 days’ quarantine and 7 days’ self-health management. The costs resulting from quarantine and self-health management will be borne by the selected works. (If any changes are made to Taiwan’s pandemic regulations, this platform will inform the selected international works via email).

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